Steve Chittock

U.S. has elected partisan with no record of accomplishment

Congratulations to all you Bush-haters, partisan liberals, war protesters, you have amazed the world. The word "change" was the big secret, people have believed that this can be the salvation of all our country's troubles. You have elected the most partisan, liberal senator with no record of doing anything in his short time in the senate.

Barack Hussein Obama, elected our new president, is also our commander-in-chief. Obama in the past voted against money for our troops, also voted to lose the Iraq war, voted not to go to war-how was he to know Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction? Great qualification to lead our military. By the way Congress voted for the war with Iraq, with the same intelligence that our president received. As for Obama, being a community organizer in Chicago was his big accomplishment, which didn't amount to nothing (anything).

Joe Biden, the loose cannon, Obama's choice for vice president when running for president, remarked that Obama was unqualified to be president, I have to agree. Obama voted against all security programs, now he wants to close the prison in Cuba that's holding 245 terrorists. Obama states this will make our country safer.

This guy scares me. The people wanted "change" and I'm sure they will get it from Obama. Hope he keeps our country safe like our past president did for seven years. Support our troops and our great nation.

George Pantell

Crescent City

Battery Point Lighthouse keepers are not disgruntled

We were disappointed in our interview (that) appeared in the Jan. 17 issue of the Triplicate, "The keepers." The interview that was supposed to focus on the difference of having a permanent keeper versus a different couple each month turned out to have a very negative flavor on life out at the lighthouse. To some it appears that we are disgruntled with the conditions out here, which could not be farther from the truth.

The article brought so many people out to see that awful room in which the keepers have to spend their day. The room with the million-dollar view, from which we tear ourselves away from to go to a room all of the tourists see, the charming, cozy, keepers' bedroom equipped with two comfortable wing-back chairs, a TV and a warm wood-burning stove and another million-dollar view.

As far as the inexpensive furniture we have to live with, the earnings from giving tours and donations go to where they are intended and that is the upkeep of this historical landmark. The work and time we have put into this lighthouse has been a privilege and work done with love. Once you have lived in this beautiful old historical treasure you can't help but want to maintain it. Though it does become hard for one keeper all the time, having new people come each month with their special talents and lots of enthusiasm and energy can only help to keep this lighthouse shining brighter than ever.

Carol and Don Vestal

Current Battery Point Lighthouse keepers

Prison's waste is not a problem but an opportunity

Reading about the dickering going on about how and who gets the hundreds of thousands of dollars dealing with prison waste really put a burr under my saddle.

I myself generate just a trace of "landfill."Paper trash that's burned provides heat and is carbon neutral, since the tree that made it "took" that carbon.It's not a magic trick, and no, I never burn plastic or Styrofoam. The trick is simply to buy products in recyclable packaging.This is a maximum security prison.I'd guess it's rare that some guy is going to saunter over to Fort Dick Market and buy a can of peanuts. You know the can. Plastic, metal, foil and fiber all together.

This is not a problem, it's an opportunity.Cordoning off some section of town and showing the nation that virtually all waste can be recycled, composted, converted to methane (bio-gas), or responsibly incinerated is more than people are ready for.At the prison, as I understand it, what goes in is closely controlled. Where is it written that "backwoods" Del Norte can't set an example for the nation?

On a closely related subject, I've noticed another problem with cost and waste. If every yard light had a reflector above it, power consumption could be nearly halved and "light pollution" drastically cut.

Although the power generated from the bio-gas and the incinerator (both carbon neutral) would likely not meet the extreme energy needs, the savings in reduced waste and power use would be nifty.

Don Campbell

Crescent City