Fire crew's performance in Klamath was disappointing

As a citizen of Klamath (not by choice I might add) I am disappointed in the so-called "Fire Department."

Last Saturday, I was sitting in my living room and I see what appears to be car exhaust coming from another residence. I was on the phone and my husband rushes out the door saying there was a fire in the park. I was on the phone for all of five minutes and I hang up and head down to the fire to see if I could be of some help spiritually. In the time I got off the phone, got my kids and walked the 1/8th of a mile down there, the house was completely engulfed and no fire truck. Soon, Klamath "RFD" was on scene.

Out jumps a fireman in what appears to be a tank top. Son, you're going to a fire, not a clam bake. He tries to go through a fence that had a padlock on it. When he can't get the padlock open, he proceeds to yell and scream at the landlord and use very foul language telling him there could be people dying in there and that he needs the key.

Call me crazy, pops, but aren't emergency personnel supposed to be cooler than the fire? The tenants replaced the lock, but failed to give my landlord a key. He tells the firefighter to tear the sucker down. Does he? Nope. Just proceeds to yell at my landlord about bolt cutters.

Soon out come the "jaws-of-life." It doesn't work. Then, instead of tearing the fence down (they can't possibly scratch their truck) they called the shop across the street to bring their bolt-cutters. Now, out of five fire trucks, don't you think one of them would have bolt-cutters? Then the pump hose doesn't work so they spew water all over the street.

Good thing there were no people dying in there. The funny thing was, they could have just gone through the back door. After the shouting, the scene looked more like a training mission for the Shriners in a circus. The trailer was a total loss, but probably could have been saved had the Fire Department pre-tripped and tested all their equipment weekly.

Kudos to the Yurok Tribal Police for keeping order. Seems they were the only ones who knew what they were doing.

Sarah Dumas


Input sought on reaching

out to returning troops

Earlier this month I was invited to attend the monthly meeting of the Harley Davidson Bikers group at the Pizza King to speak about Troop Support. I was very impressed with this congenial group and most grateful for their generous donation to our care package fund. I also observed what a great place this was for groups to meet at Mary Weir's establishment, and realized I had further thoughts to deal with this impression.

For quite some time now a group of us have has been thinking of doing something to include the returning military personnel from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf, and just couldn't come up with a particular idea or procedure. Recently we brainstormed and decided to begin with inviting these veterans to come and get acquainted with us and other buddies at an evening meeting at Mary's place.

She has always been a quiet participant in helping community events for many years, besides I learned she and Ralph hold a special spot in their hearts for my beloved nephew, Bruno de Solenni, which makes this meeting all the more patriotic and maybe a tiny tribute to him.

We will meet on Wednesday, Feb. 11, 6 p.m., at Pizza King, to discuss ideas of forming a group to meet monthly and set goals of what is necessary and of high interest to participants. These young people need to be validated for all they have endured so far away and for so long. So much grief about the troops has been known to me during these five years of working with our Troop Support group, that I long felt we needed a meeting to bond together and reach out for healing and work in our communities. There are others who feel as I do. Let's gather these people and honor them.

Please confirm your attendance by calling me at 464-9146 or Mary Weir at 951-1448.

Also, if you have a suggestion for a new name for our overseas care package list, please call me.

Jan Martin

Crescent City

Community thanked for

participating in MLK event

Del Norte Reads AmeriCorps members and the staff at Del Norte Reads would like to thank our community for its participation Jan. 19 in the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration at the Del Norte County Library.

We would like to add a special thanks to Michael Penney. His words and music were very inspirational. We believe this event was an overall success and look forward to next year's celebration.

Alice Crew, AmeriCorps

Kelley Nolan, Del Norte Reads/ Library Literacy Manager