Steve Chittock

George, at least give Obama a chance to make a mistake

The letter from George Pantell ("U.S. has elected partisan with no record of accomplishment," Jan. 29) caused me much amusement.

I have read his letters before and have always found them filled with vehemence toward Democrats. The people have spoken, George. They were tired of the regime that was controlling the country. They did not want any more Republicans lying to them, scaring them into a war, spending money in other countries and neglecting ours. On and on I could go with why our voters went the way they did.

To my eyes, I see a man who is trying to heal wounds and bring together people from both parties to solve some of our problems.

The new administration has not even been in office for a month, and you want to kick our new president in the ribs. George, at least give him a chance to make a mistake first.

Yvonne Cipressi

Crescent City

Your guy lost badly, should you not be cool?

If I can recall correctly, every time I have lost, at anything, after supporting a chosen one, I have tended to slink quietly for a while. I mean, if one loses, one loses, and one should not go about bragging that one's favorite candidate lost, or that he lost badly, then quietly left the scene of battle with head down, and with the disapproval of a very, very large group of fellow citizens.

Regarding George Pantell's Jan. 29 letter ("U.S. has elected partisan with no record of accomplishment"), your guy lost badly, should you not be cool?

Your guy lost after screwing up nearly everything he touched - left with one of the strongest disapproval ratings in presidential history, then he kinda slinked back (or is it slunked?) to Texas for a well deserved rest eight-year activity riding a 4-wheeler (not 3-wheeler - those are scary) over his ranch while cutting brush. Oh, I nearly forgot, in his eight years he virtually destroyed our nation financially, and our world reputation, which once demonstrated compassion and intelligence. But it's okay, Mr. Pantell, mistakes are made.

It really surprised me though, Mr. Pantell, that you faulted President Obama because he is now America's commander in chief.andensp;Remember that Mr. Bush never honorably served in the military, yet he seemed to enjoy acknowledging that he was for eight years "America's commander in chief."

Remember his boastful trip of a few hundred yards on that aircraft carrier, dressed in his non-flight flight-suit - even though he deserted the only position he had been given in the Texas Air National Guard (not earned), given by Daddy's friend, and then and went AWOL.

Funny, Mr. Bush's service as commander in chief always seemed an embarrassment to me, Mr Pantell - be cool!

Walt Morse

Crescent City

A lot of questions on how we are managing our garbage

Oh boy, finally someone asked the big question: "Is the Solid Waste Authority needed?"

County Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen wants to study whether the agency is still viable. But Mayor Kelly Schellong's remarks in the story were very telling.

People have come to the City Council and asked it to pull out of the Solid Waste Authority. It would take 90 days for that to happen. The city never studied that issue. Was that because of who the former mayor was when that question was asked? Has Kelly been brainwashed by her ideas? Why are citizens of Brookings paying less for their garbage rates than the citizens of Crescent City?

Then there is the issue of the Solid Waste Task Force, a citizens panel that advises the authority's board of directors. The county appoints people to this task force. The chairman of the Solid Waste Authority could give the task force the job of studying the real questions that need to be asked about how we are running our transfer station and its costs. Why do we need another group to study the issue of privatization? Why isn't Ms. Schellong asking the question of how the makeup of the Solid Waste Authority is done?

There is not a public member from Crescent City sitting on the task force. Why, Kelly? The city has the power to appoint members, too. I recently filled out paperwork to be reappointed to the Solid Waste Task Force because I believe that the people living within the city limits do have a voice.

The Board of Supervisors need to replace the outgoing members of the task force with new members at its next meeting. People within city limits need to put pressure on our mayor to add another member to the task force, too. Then there is the question, in the two-plus years she has been on the City Council, of, has she ever been to a task force meeting? I think I know the answer: "No!" I believe there are a lot of questions on how we are managing our garbage. I believe Ms. Schellong may not have any idea how to address these complex issues because she believes everything authority director Kevin Hendrick tells her. Is that wise when you are elected by people to be their eyes and ears?

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Outlying areas in DN County can generate private money

Relating to the recent news regarding your city and county budgets, it seems to me that once again Crescent City is venturing forth to garner funds from anywhere it can get them without considering the bigger picture of Klamath, Fort Dick, Smith River, Hiouchi, etc. These outlying areas can generate plenty of private money if there was an incentive to do so.

Recently, a friend of mine from Brookings wanted to invest in and revitalize a small restaurant in Smith River. He is a semi-retired man with an extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry and the desire to invest and operate a small business. After renewing the decor, installing new equipment and lining up his purveyors (potentially more local business, not to mention increased employment), he was finally stymied by all of the bureaucratic requirements. Surely these deal-killers could give an entrepreneur time to get off the ground. It usually takes a few years to generate enough to pay taxes and a lot longer to show a profit.

Smith River and other small communities have such a potential for outside private money to help improve the economy. You should know by now that the Southern California government has little or no interest in the north - you just supply its water. You need to apply your rules to accommodate your populace. You need to be a unified group when making your demands for your share of the funds available, not going to the powers that be to get your portion.

It is an American right to govern themselves; there is no government without representation and you are not represented by Southern California politicians.

P. Stelling