Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Live up to your campaign promises, council and mayor

Having just moved from a county residence to a home within the city limits and having served from 1996 to 2000 on the City Council for Weed, Calif., one year as mayor pro tem and one year as mayor, I find myself less than impressed with the Crescent City Council and, indeed, City Hall.

In this time of economic distress and such uncertain times, it seems to me to vote myself a raise and then accept it while the city's finances are in disarray is a slap in the face of an average citizen. Flip-flopping on the funds for the Visitors Bureau with the Transient Occupancy Tax revenue, which should only be used for attracting business, tourism and beautification, speaks of a lack of direction or plan.

A mayor in this city government is only a chairman and runs meetings, also is involved with setting of the agenda for each meeting, not to wield personal power beyond that of any other council member. Also, I believe the City Council should give up any insurance and at least put the money into public safety.

Hold public forums, not part of a council meeting, where our good citizens can make our thoughts heard and discussed, then act on the best ideas. Live up to your campaign promises, council and mayor.

Joel Obuchon

Crescent City

Questions about poll on a Crescent City to Medford flight

In order to bring accuracy to The Triplicate's on-line poll concerning a Crescent City to Medford flight, I wanted to ask some questions.Who are these people that you polled (384 of them, 264 who wanted the Medford connection) and how many times a year do they fly?

They are not "frequent flyers," I imagine.They probably fly, giving them the benefit of the doubt, 10 times per year.If I try to read between the lines of the Jan. 19 Editor's Note column ("Results are in: Fly us to Medford"), most don't travel to the East Coast and most are not "frequent flyers."

Medford offers eight nonstop connections to Portland. So what! Medford offers two direct flights to Seattle.Again, so what!Salt Lake City is Delta's hub and only two flights per day go there.And for the rest of the places of interest you listed, San Francisco has more options than Medford does.

I travel 30-40 weeks per year all over the United States.Getting to the East Coast is a nightmare.We need an early flight from Crescent City to San Francisco (on time would also be wonderful), like a 6 a.m. flight that we once had before.This flight did go out on time about 90 percent of the time. This way I can get a direct flight to the East, whereas Medford would make me connect in Denver (United) or Salt Lake City (Delta).

In addition, we need a late-night flight from San Francisco to Crescent City, hours later than the last one which leaves SFO at 4:20 p.m. (when it is on time.Most) business professionals cannot leave a meeting around 2 p.m. to make a flight at 4:20 p.m.

I would like to see a 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. flight, so I can get home without spending an additional night in San Francisco.If I don't make the 4:20 p.m. flight, I cannot leave until the next day at noon, thereby, wasting another day of productive work.

So, let's put things in prospective. Forget Medford, get an early morning flight (6 a.m.) to San Francisco, where we can connect to a direct flight to the East Coast, or go anywhere else and get a late-night flight from San Francisco to Crescent City, so we don't have to spend another night in San Francisco.

James Singer

Crescent City

In support of Klamath's

volunteer firefighters

Regarding the Jan. 31 letter ("Fire crew's performance in Klamath was disappointing") Klamath's volunteer firefighters devote their time, training and efforts to assist and aid in the event of an emergency.They owe us nothing. They are not paid or compensated if injured or killed in the line of voluntary duty.

It takes more than five minutes for them to arrive on the scene. They stop whatever they are doing when a call comes in. They don't have time to get dressed to make a fashion statement. The stations are not manned 24/7.

Instead of going to the scene of a fire and offering spiritual help, you should be checking gates and other points of entry for accessibility so that the emergency crews can gain swift entry.

The volunteer fireman (or woman) does not carry keys to everyone's locks.Our local fire station has been vandalized in the past. Fuel and tools have been stolen. That really is our loss, not theirs!

The volunteer firefighter was apparently worried that there might have been people trapped inside the mobile home.I've heard foul language used by people over less significant issues.

Mobile homes don't fare well in fires, especially older units. Had the fire engine arrived in less than five minutes and drenched the unit down it, probably would not have been livable anyway. Water damage mixed with fire damage is a mess.

I understand this fire was caused by a child playing with matches.Why were matches within reach? We cannot blame the Klamath Fire Department if matches, candles, lighters are within reach of a child. Learn from this unfortunate event to make sure you have keys to your gated community and access to the property in an emergency event.

In closing, I want to thank the Klamath volunteers for the times they were called out to our home to assist with medical aid. You were all caring, kind, knowledgeable and I don't care how you were dressed.

You freely came to help us when we needed you. I hope you receive many more volunteers here than critics!

Patrick Robinson


A great big thank you for the article on Steve Wakefield

I want to say a great big thank you for the great article about Steve Wakefield and our fire departments. These men and women drop whatever they are doing to answer that alarm or pager when it goes off, no matter what time of the day or night. They run to save a home or a life. It may be yours or mine. Support them. Thank you, Steve, and your dedicated people for your service to our Crescent City homes.

Next, I would like to say how much I appreciate our hospital. I have been a patient there many times. Each time I was given the best care by the nurses and doctors there; they know their stuff. Even in the ER, these people are the best. The best care in a hospital I was given was here at Sutter Coast, the worst was in San Jose.

Thank you, Sutter Coast.

Lois Gehrman

Crescent City