Kyle Curtis

City Council needs to get away from ivory tower mentality, meet more peopleI would like to add my "hear-hear" to Joel Obuchon's appraisal of our city council, especially the public forum idea. Most of the council is quite inaccessible, and the three-minute public comment during a council meeting is about the only opportunity to speak your mind. Three minutes is usually not enough to put out a complete thought.

One council person, Donna Westfall, held a Meet Your Councilperson meeting last month in an effort to have direct contact with the people. Not too many showed up, but those of us who did were able to banter about ideas and make connections with like-minded individuals.

We need more of this! We need to get away from the ivory tower mentality that seems to take over those who get elected to serve. Westfall has scheduled another Meet Your Councilperson for Feb. 22nd, 1:30andndash;3 p.m. at Crescent City Nursing Home, 1280 Marshall off Harding, and I heard at the Council meeting that Charles Slert would also be there. This is a great opportunity to get to know these people who we've put our trust in to serve the community and to let them hear what's on our minds.

Katherine KellyCrescent City