Steve Chittock

State Sen. Aanestad causing great economic hardship to Del Norters

Our Republican State Sen. Sam Aanestad is causing great economic hardship to all Del Norters, as the Triplicate editor pointed out in his column, "We're all in this together, Del Norters,"andensp;on Feb 10.

By not compromising, Aanestad can claim he stuck to his no new taxes philosophy in the next election cycle, but is this the mostandensp;beneficialandensp;stance for our county as a whole, or is it primarily self serving?

I have e-mailed the senator urging him to vote for the compromise.

Grover S. Drengson

Crescent City andensp;andensp;

Crime, pay raise, Front St. make me glad to live outside Crescent City

After reading the police log with all the city problems, I am thankful to live in the county!

City Council members taking a 40 percent raise is selfish to say the least when they have another income if married.

Driving down Front Street is like a washboard. Whose job is it to fix it, or to get it fixed? The Council's? They need to rethink taking a raise - shame on you!

The Watch Dogs must be "napping" as they have not been on the "rant" lately, but who misses them? Hopefully our county can survive and once again be a fun and thriving place to live.

Barbara Harwick

Fort Dick

Caltrans should consider re-routing Hwy 101 around Last Chance Grade

Regarding the Feb. 14 article about Last Chance Grade ("Hwy. 101's weak link"): Please, someone at Caltrans or the appropriate county office, tell me that an obvious third option for dealing with the Last Chance Grade has been seriously considered, discussed and thrown out because it's too expensive or endangers the enviornment of some microscopic life form that stopped here one time 30 years ago.

The drive along Highway 101, between the northern and southern parts of our county, is stunningly beautiful and can be a spiritually uplifting experience. That being said, the constant movement of the road bed, erosion, realignment work and the annual list of fatalities from vehicles that have simply lost control on a very curvy road is evidence that screams out for a re-evaluation of the routing of this section of highway.

Call me crazy, but a highway with two lanes in each direction, center divider lane, proper shoulders, etc., could be built at an elevation of 50 feet or so above mean sea level on a 200-foot-wide road bed from the end of Enderts Beach Road (old highway) to the section of highway immediately north of Trees of Mystery - yes, out on the ocean, 50 feet above sea level.

For comparison, most of Pebble Beach drive is around 50 feet elevation. Imagine a road bed similar to the harbor breakwater, but 30 feet higher and 200 feet across at the top, running approximately 10 miles with virtually no curves.

I'm no engineer, but I'm guessing about 60 million cubic yards of material would be needed - maybe from the Highway 199 corridor. Look on Google Earth or a map, the average depth near the beach is less than 30 feet and the area between the beach and the new road bed could be turned into hundreds of acres of new wetlands.

Safer, shorter, easier maintenance, jobs - win, win.

Randy Butcher

Crescent City

Amgen Tour of California bicycle race ought to come to Crescent City

Just for the heck of it, try to get the Amgen Tour of California to reach All of California. Starting in Crescent City.

I saw the prologue part of the bicycle event in Sacramento on Saturday. The official part started in Davis the next day.

Crescent City gets plenty of bicycle tourism. Why not get more?

Charles Hooper


There is no such thing as an 'Automatic Teller Machine machine'

A pet peeve: In your Saturday article "Robbery victim notifies police despite threat," the article states "a woman reported being robbed at gunpoint at an ATM machine a week ago."

The abbreviation ATM stands for "Automatic Teller Machine." So, your article says, in effect, that the woman was robbed at an Automatic Teller Machine machine.

This kind of lack of attention to detail is very annoying to some of us. I know that "ATM machine" is in very common usage, but that doesn't make it right. Thanks for your attention.

Richard Noybe

San Jose