Adam Madison, The Triplicate

DNHS athletes cheated

by biased officiators

Another high school basketball season bites the dust. Is it just me, because I feel that we get no respect up here in Del Norte. Last year we were first in every sport except soccer. No respect. We have the No. 1 wrestler in the nation and still no respect. I found out that when our wrestling team went down to Eureka for the tournament, most of the opposing coaches would not let anyone wrestle our No. 1.

I'm not just talking about the coaches. We are treated very unfair. The officials are one-sided. There is no consistency in their calls. To give the bench a technical for yelling in a play is really low.

It is a fact that the folks down in the Eureka area hate us up here. We have to beat the officials and the opposing team whenever we play. It is so blatant. I am so sick of the one-sided officiating. Isn't there anything that we can do? The officials show up with a "you are not going to win" attitude. Everyone sees it and there is nothing that we can do except yell, "What a stupid call."

I can remember games from when my son played for Del Norte and some of the deliberate, blatant calls so that the other team always had the advantage. When will it stop? If a person applies for a referee job? The folks down below will just send them to Happy Camp to call games. Never in Del Norte County.

It has to end. All of the basketball games were so very close. In the last game there were at least three technicals called on the bench by the one official. It was obvious he was not paying any attention to the game, but only to our bench. It is sickening. It's just not right.

When is our administrative staff at the high school going to say enough is enough? This has got to stop so that our kids and grandkids can get a fair shake in high school sports. We have always been in the hunt in every sport and if given fair officiating, we would have won a lot more games this year and in some of the previous years, too.

Would someone please stop the blatant attack on our fine athletes? Let them play.

Bobby Rodriguez


Needy are not required to 'demonstrate' anything for aid

On several occasions I have attempted to amend a portion of what was printed on Dec. 23, 2008, regarding the Saint Vincent de Paul emergency assistance program after I was interviewed by one of your reporters.

I have called the reporter, Kurt Madar, a number of times. I went to The Triplicate office Dec. 23 and spoke with Richard Wiens and he assured me that he would speak with the reporter and have him get in touch with me. To his credit, I did in fact receive a telephone call from the reporter. We discussed the fact that he had misquoted me in the article regarding the homeless. I never used the word "demonstrate" in my interview.

Kurt assured me that he would speak with the publisher and get back to me. I'm still waiting and it is now February and I have not heard from anyone at The Triplicate regarding this issue.

Since The Triplicate has not taken care of the problem, I am using this avenue to inform the public that it was a misrepresentation in wording. I did not say "they have to demonstrate that they are working to get off the streets." I did say that for people who have found a residence, we can help them with other household necessities. No one by any means has to "demonstrate" anything to us. If a person comes into Saint Vincent de Paul and says they have a place to live, but need the basic household necessities, we provide them with whatever we can that is available at the time.

Candi Nunez

Crescent City

The Triplicate stands by what it reported in the Dec. 23 article, "A network of aid."