Steve Chittock

Pelican Bay State Prison tours could boost tourist interest in area

People in this town are continuously bemoaning the fact that there is not enough tourism. Not enough tourist capital flowing into the city coffers.

There is a good reason for this. There is nothing to see here that is unusual. "Wild rivers" are not restricted to Crescent City. They're from here to Vancouver, Canada, and east to Colorado, and, well, have you ever heard of Yosemite? A bit more of a tourist attraction. Columbia River? Niagra Falls?

However, without being too morbid for our gentle readers, there is an attraction here, not a wildlife attraction, but an attraction.

We have here the worst of the worse criminals in all of California. The inmates who will not comply with any authority are sent ultimately to places such as Pelican Bay State Prison.

Now, hear me out. I'm serious this time, not kidding. If people will pay top dollar to see an old, abandoned prison such as Alcatraz in San Francisco harbor, think how much more eager they would be to tour a "live facility."

After all, TV viewers are fascinated by crime and incarceration. A large percentage of the shows deal with this subject, fiction and nonfiction.

Why not have a tour of the Pelican Bay State Prison," and the profits going to Crescent City?

Of course the tours would have to be conducted in a safe manner, and no "visitors" could get close to the inmates. Certain sections would obviously be off limits.

A short tour, a half-hour guided tour, the same as, say in a Hershey chocolate factory or a Detroit car manufacturing company.

Joseph Brauner

Crescent City

Can't figure out how liberals can blame Bush for our financial mess

This is my 28th letter published in The Triplicate, thanks to the editors past and present. The reason I write letters is because I get upset when I read letters that have no truth in them about our country or our past president, George Bush.

Since Purple Heart Kerry, and the global warming king Gore lost their elections, the radical partisan Bush-haters were born, the likes of Michael Moore and his followers. These followers write articles like, "Your guy lost badly, should you not be cool." This was from my chief letter-attacker, yes, Mr. Cool himself, Walt Morse.

He and my other letter-attacker, Don Stewart, truly amaze me with their latest reports from Michael Moore, or do they both just make up these facts of fiction? These two blame President Bush for the latest financial mess in our country. Up until two years ago all was going good until the Democrats took over Congress and the Senate. I guess that may be the reason the Democratic-controlled Congress has a 14 percent approval rating.

All you people that support these liberals, write a letter in this paper telling all of us all the things that the Democrats have done to help George Bush or our country. I have mentioned this before, and not one letter has appeared, and all you do is attack me or Bush.

I hope the editor prints all of this letter; he's been cutting all the good things out of my past letters. Maybe I'm too harsh against my liberal critics. I have all the past Triplicate letters from all the local war protesters, Bush-haters, and George Pantell attackers. I can't figure out why they would support, and vote for, people that would watch our country being attacked by terrorists eight times and do nothing. These liberals support people that vote for no security programs, not making our English language our official language, Social Security money for illegal immigrants, no funds for our troops and wanted to lose the war in Iraq, no drilling for oil, and many other things that make no sense.

Support our great troops and our country.

George Pantell

Crescent City

Coupon books for homeless would help businesses, not drug dealers

This is in regards to the homeless and panhandler situation in Del Norte.

Many people would like to help a panhandler or someone in need, but have concerns money given may go for drugs or alcohol. For this reason, I'd like to suggest an agency, such as Our Daily Bread Ministries, sell coupon books.

These coupon books could sell for $5 and contain 10 informational coupons directing people in need to local agencies where they can go for assistance. Instead of giving a panhandler money, give a coupon. This will financially help local agencies assist those in need, and the giver will know the money spent on buying the coupon book won't be used to purchase drugs or alcohol.

I believe this will also help deter homeless people from coming to Del Norte from other areas and should lessen the number of panhandlers. Let us assist with providing food and shelter to the homeless, and not as a means to support any drug or alcohol dependency.

Frank Marulli

Crescent City