Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Staff at Sutter Coast Hospital helped us in time of sadness

The family of Carl Woodworth would like to extend our graditude to the staff at Sutter Coast Hospital for its hospitality while we dealt with a very sad time with our father/grandfather.

We traveled from Coos Bay/North Bend, Oregon. We were there with him until he passed and it was a long couple of days and the staff made us feel very welcome and comfortable. They got us blankets and pillows to make us more comfortable and brought us a tray of coffee and muffins, "to keep up our nutrition."

We were in and out a lot and they never seemed to mind. The floor manager was very helpful by giving us a lot of useful information and a map of the town. As we were trying to cope with a difficult situation, he talked us through everything. The nurses and doctors took care of our father/grandfather the best they could and for that we thank them. We were treated so very kind; they really helped us through everything and helped make the best of a terrible experience.

We would also like to thank Jessica, the first person on scene that assisted Carl after his accident. Thank you for doing what you could and thank you for taking care of Buddy (his puppy), you will always be in our thoughts.

Tina Woodworth

North Bend, Ore.

Mason and Price malls

need to be rehabilitated

I would hope that my City Council would look at an area this year. After the tidal wave, Mason Mall and Price Mall were created. Over the years, the city has done little to keep these areas up to current codes.

If people look, there is a lot of wood rot in the walkways. If the city does not fix the walkways, some morning it may wake up and find it has fallen down between its ears! The lighting needs to be updated. The landscaping needs to be replaced.

There was once a playground in Price Mall, but it was taken out years ago. Why? I believe my city has a workforce that could make the needed repairs in these two areas. Price Mall could again become a gathering area for the public.

The city used its workforce to do the pool. Maybe it's time for it to look at Price and Mason malls and make the repairs that are needed.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Child care council to hold annual conference in March

I work for the Del Norte Child Care Council and this year we will be holding our annual Childcare Provider Conference in March.

Our theme is creating "Green Living" in child-care settings. Our lineup of local speakers is phenomenal. We have Dr. Alex Wade, pediatrician from Open Door Community Health; Patti Rommel from the Del Norte Unified School District Nutrition Program; Tedd Ward from the Del Norte County Solid Waste Management Authority; Nicole Fellows, local interior designer; and Lori Poole from Del Norte Disposal.

In my excitement of having this theme for child-care providers, I wrote Lori Greene on our registration forms, and to make matters worse I have already mailed out the forms.

I sincerely apologize to Del Norte Disposal and Lori Poole for my error and say thank you for participating in a wonderful experience for all involved.

Christina Jager

Del Norte Child Care Council

Crescent City

Triplicate editor has more than enough work to do

People need to get a life. I am sitting here reading a Feb. 27 letter to the editor stating that The Triplicate needs to check its grammar and spelling errors.

First of all, this is Del Norte County and not everyone had the best teachers in language arts in school; let alone a college education. Is it really up to the newspaper to teach your children grammar or is it yours? As parents we are to be the first teachers a child has and the teachers in school are to be secondary to what we teach our children at home. There are more important things to worry about than somebody's spelling errors.

Next, our editor has more than enough work to do. Why, if it wasn't for him, you would have nothing to complain about and therefore, you wouldn't have enough to fill out your day.

Leave the editors alone!

Sarah Dumas