Steve Chittock

Solid waste authority is well run and provides real service

While I have never met Kevin Hendrick in person I have long admired him as a capable manager of Del Norte County Solid Waste Management Authority.

His efforts here in Del Norte are very appreciated; surely I am not alone in that appreciation.

As to supervisors Gerry Hemmingson and Mike Sullivan, nothing admirable comes to mind and if they need extra income, lets not have it come from us taxpayers in the form of compensation for investigating an agency we know is well run, has complete transparency and provides real service to us.

Norbert Beising


Politics of Sutter Coast Hospital are reprehensible

I woud like to thank Chetco Federal Credit Union, particulary Melissa Blackburn, for herandensp;assistanceandensp;to financeandensp;ourandensp;recruitmentandensp;effortandensp;that allows Crescent City Family Practice to stay in Crescent City.

With the recentandensp;return of Lee Weise, D.O., and the recent "letter of intent" from Monique Schwartz, D.O.andensp;beginning July 2010 we will be back to full strength. Monique(Nikki) has been a familiar face to our patients as she did clinical rotations during her last two years of medical school and will be returning this April for another rotation as a second-year residentandensp;from Duke University.

Unfortunately,andensp;someone "acting" on behalf of the Del Norte Physician Recruitandshy;ment and Retention Committee, called Dr. Schwartz and told her she wouldandensp;probably not be eligible for any "student loan repayment" for being associated with CCFP. Dr. Schwartz then phoned me. I then contacted Gina Zottola of the Chamber of Commerce and she spoke with Dr. Schwartz directly to set the record straight.

Our practice has been teaching medical students for over 20 years. The students truly get a feel forandensp;Crescent City.andensp;They live and learn with us 24/7andensp;in their rural family medicine rotations.andensp;We provide, at our expense,andensp;room and boardandensp;for them.

Thankfully, CFCU has stepped up to the plate. We have personally financed several other providers that did not "fit" Crescent City. We went to Sutter Coast Hospital repeatedly and metandensp;with John Menaugh, then CEO. Mr. Menaughandensp;and the entire board outright and repeatedlyandensp;declined any assistance. They have in the past and continue to find funding for other "special" practices.

In my opinion, the politics of Sutter Coast Hospitalandensp;areandensp;reprehensible. We love practicing here, we simply have had our fill ofandensp;Sutter. Those who know me know that I say what is on my mind. I refuse to compromise my principles for Sutter. We hope that the new CEO brings positive changes to Sutter.

Please feel free to stop by and welcome doctorsandensp;Schwartz andandensp;Weiseandensp;in April. Thank you for the friendships and support over these last 10 years. We look forward to continuing to provide the highest standard of care.andensp;We believe theandensp;physician shortagesandensp;can be resolved using common sense in recruitment.

Jim Morrow, D.O.

Crescent City

Smoking worse than obesity, should be illegal in public

I am writing in response to John Cupp's letter, "The new killer of the 21st century is obesity," Feb. 26). I am a sociologist and I take representation of statistical information very seriously. The statement that obesity now kills more Americans than tobacco, alcohol, and guns combined is an outright distortion of facts.

There are many resources from which to find the following statistics; all can be verified through government and medical Web sites or organizations. I will start with obesity, Mr. Cupp's claimed highest killer, which is associated with 300,000 premature deaths a year. These deaths are primarily the results of other disorders or diseases.

There is an 11 percent obesity rate in children, but it is hard to define because of height variables. Body builders or short muscular people can be considered obese by current standards, as well creating bias results; this too is available in the studies done.

Cigarette smoking is directly responsible for 400,000 deaths a year and associated with another 40,000. Alcohol-related deaths stand at 100,000 deaths a year, last year an average of which 18,000 were drinking and driving-caused. The most recent stats from gun deaths are from 2005 and show that 31,000 deaths were caused by guns in the United States.

Smoking is dangerous and should be illegal in public places. My mother and my son have asthma and people who smoke in public ruin every trip into town, the Fourth of July and other public events.

People who eat themselves to death do it themselves. People, who inhale second-hand smoke walking into a building, don't have the freedom of that choice. Cigarettes kill, kill frequently and leave a deadly pile of toxic waste in their wake; you can't work out to remove excess lung cancer, Mr. Cupp.

Joni Warren

Crescent City

Obey park rules and you won't run afoul of rangers

I would like to respond to Els Stolk's Feb. 26 letter, "Keep your dog on aandensp;leash or you may run afoul of park rangers." Yes! If you break the law you might just have to answer for your insensitivity to other park visitors and the environment.

Youandensp; have no idea of what transpired before you saw the incident.andensp; What you saw as handcuffing and searching is not a normal dog-off-leash contact.

If people obey the park rules and regulations, which are necessary for everyone to enjoy the park, they won't run afoul of the rangers, who are fully qualified peace officers.

Richard Wendt