Steve Chittock

County officials should leave waste mgmt. authority alone

I am writing in response to Mr. Hendrick's commentary on the Solid Waste Management Authority. I totally agree with Mr. Hendrick's comments and those of letter-writer Dory Bruce.

The transfer station is an excellent facility. My first visit to this site surprised me. I was impressed by the smoothness of the operation. The entire area was clean and organized. The clerk was pleasant and helpful. The best part was the affordable cost. The recycling portion supports the environment and encourages more people to go to the station instead of dumping their garbage elsewhere in our beautiful county.

How proud our community should be of such a well-run public service. If they are doing such a tremendous job, then why are we questioning this organization? I am especially amazed to hear that it virtually pays for itself! Personally, I feel we have some serious issues in this community that should have much higher priority than scrutinizing the Solid Waste Management Authority. You guys deserve medals, not criticism.

Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Hemmingsen, your energies would serve better in other areas of our county, such as encouraging tourism. Leave the waste management alone.

Carol Larson

Crescent City

Idea that shelter attracts homeless from out of town is ignorant

In response to the Feb. 21 front page article and Thursday's letter concerning the emergency shelter.

The concept that the life-saving services that a foul-weather shelter would provide, such as temporary housing and food, would attract large numbers of out-of-town homeless, or turn Crescent City into a destination for the needy, is a long-held and popular, but ignorant belief. I clearly understand that even those who consider themselves good people or even Christians may have this frame of mind, and not understand what we are really dealing with here.

I invite you, without any judgment (because I used to look at this issue differently as well), to walk a mile in our shoes. Spend a few days down here at Our Daily Bread Ministries before establishing your opinion. The services that we currently offer (three meals per week, clothing, etc.), or the services that the emergency shelter provides, are too meager realistically to attract large numbers.

At last year's fairgrounds shelter, only a handful of those who stayed were from outside of Del Norte County. Furthermore, chronically homeless are only about 25 percent of those we typically serve. A much greater percentage of those we help are the struggling low-income, poor families, and the "warm" homeless who live in sub-standard conditions in cars, trailers, campers, etc.

We also sent several clients from the shelter to recovery programs in other areas, who were serious about helping themselves and needed more than what Crescent City had to offer.

We at Our Daily Bread Ministries oppose aggressive panhandling, public intoxication and all behavior abusive to local businesses and detrimental to our local tourism industry. During the shelter's existence in December, we had employees from more than one local supermarket thanking us because they had been experiencing a dramatic decrease in the presence of and problems with the homeless and panhandlers.

We respect the work of, and seek to have a greater understanding of, the challenges facing our local law enforcement, including the Crescent City Police Department, which has repeatedly referred and brought people to us for the services we offer. We look forward to continuing working constructively with businesses and law enforcement in making even greater efforts to be a blessing to all in our community.

Rachel Justice

Crescent City

Not right to justify errors just because this is Del Norte County

I am writing to disagree with Sarah Dumas' letter ("Triplicate editor has more than enough work to do," Feb. 28) suggesting that it's okay that The Triplicate's editor overlooks spelling errors in our local newspaper. Ms. Dumas' justification is that we are held to a lesser level of excellence because "this is Del Norte County."

Does my residence in this community then define me as unable to learn and apply acceptable communication skills in my daily life? Is it then okay if our local newspaper ignores common rules of grammar? Is it then acceptable if our local newspaper misquotes people in the news? Is it then tolerable if our local newspaper scrambles fact with fiction?

The Encarta Dictionary defines "edit" as preparing "a text for publication by correcting errors and ensuring clarity and accuracy." Along with many other important tasks, insuring accuracy is an important part of a newspaper editor's job.

Fortunately, we now have an editor who is doing a better job at all his tasks than any of his recent predecessors. Let's encourage him to continue his efforts on behalf of better local service to our community. Let's not solicit from him journalistic mediocrity just because "this is Del Norte County."

Aaron Funk