Steve Chittock

Solid waste authority runs first-class operation

Having served for years as a volunteer on the Del Norte Solid Waste Management Authority (DNSWMA) Task Force, I know that the authority runs a first-class operation and does much more in our community to clean up trash than the Triplicate reported.

They should be receiving kudos as one of the county's better run agencies instead of criticism.

Some of their other achievements: Each year DNSWMA partners with Hambro Solutions Inc. and Del Norte Disposal to support countywide volunteer-driven cleanup campaigns at no charge. These cleanup events held in Klamath, on the Smith River, at Elk Creek, and all along our public beaches, are attended by hundreds of volunteers who work together to collect tons and tons of unhealthy and unsightly trash.

After the winter holidays are over, and again in partnership, they offer free pickup and recycling of our old Christmas trees. They also collect hazardous waste for no cost at several locations each year. During the Earth Arts Fair in April and at our County Fair, their trained staff performs a much-needed function by providing education on the wise disposal of household waste through Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle programs as well as composting workshops. They've also recently initiated a dead battery return program taken up by dozens of local stores and businesses.

If this alone doesn't demonstrate the importance of singing their praises, then look at some of the visionary work they've accomplished: Few may realize that Del Norte County was the very first municipality in the entire nation to implement a Zero Waste Action Plan! Created by the DNSWMA and adopted by our county supervisors in February 2000, it preceded hundreds of cities and counties that have since taken up the banner.

And with today's national and political spotlight on sustainable energy, DNSWMA already has plans and permits in place for the development of a Resource Recovery Park located at the Transfer Station site. A place where local entrepreneurs have the opportunity to start any number of recycling related businesses. It's all ready to go thanks to their amazing foresight.

So, why in the world is anyone questioning the value of this remarkable organization at this time? There's something smelly on the wind and it's not coming from garbage.

Susan Calla

Crescent City

Community supports Family Resource Center

On March 2, many children in our nation celebrated the birthday of Dr. Seuss by reading his books in their classrooms.

Two classes at Crescent Elk Middle School held a Read-A-Thon fundraiser for The Del Norte Family Resource Center. I would like to thank the parents, children, and teachers of these classrooms. With the current state of the economy and the pressure put on you by standardized testing, you selflessly made the time and put forth the effort to contribute monetarily to the Del Norte Family Resource Center while promoting literacy as a valued strength.

Thank you for your support and for spending March 2 reading for us. The Del Norte Family Resource Center hosts wonderful assets that are open to the entire community.

Crescent Elk's generosity will help us continue to provide a variety of services and we'd love to see you here!

Jennifer England


Del Norte Family Resource Center