Steve Chittock

The Solid Waste Management Authority should not change

My neighbors and I are wondering why anyone would consider changing the Solid Waste Management Authority.

Living in Klamath, I like the clean, easy to use transfer station.andensp;The prices are very reasonable and Chuck, the gate attendant, does a great job. When I go to the Crescent City transfer station, I have the same experience and can turn in a variety of hazardous waste free of charge!

I understand the authority pays for itself with no tax dollars. Now that's something that neither Sacramento nor Washington can do! So, I invite county supervisors Gerry Hemmingsen and Mike Sullivan to come down to Klamath and explain to this community why we need a change. Doesn't make any "cents" to me!

Al Muelhoefer


Now is not the time to start panicking about the stock market

It is not time to panic. Joe Queenan is wrong in his Tuesday column, "The time to panic has arrived." It is time to adjust both our thinking and our actions.

The stock market is falling because it should fall. Congress flooded the market with retirement money through flawed 401k laws that enriched the finance companies and guaranteed theandensp;retiree nothing.

Housing prices are falling because they should fall.andensp;Housing costs too much. I bought my house forandensp;$75,000 in 1995. My house payment is $266 a month. When house prices return to that level they will be a great buy and all will beandensp;well.

Our thinking should adjustandensp;when it comes to our neighbors as well.andensp;Police departments depend on government money,andensp;which means police officer paychecks areandensp;at risk. Homelessness happens.andensp;Adjust your thinking.

Forget about Joe's concluding line "This is theandensp;time for hysteria."

This is theandensp;time to change local laws so neighbors can legally feed, house, and help each other. It's time to save money in localandensp;FDIC insured banks and buy "I Series US Savings Bonds" through Treasury Direct. It is time to educate ourselvesandensp;through school, experimentation, and business venture groups. It' time to grow our own food at home. It is time to be thankful for our local newspaper for helping us think out loud. It may even be time to start telling our local government what laws we will abide by and what laws we will not.

It is for sure time to think andandensp;act.

James R. Barrett

Crescent City

Upset at an alleged insult of the British by President Obama

Didn't we all hear ad nauseam from the Obamamanics that he would change the tone of politics, and that he would be the great unifier, and that other nations - presumably mistreated by the evil Bush - would quickly heal through Obama's tender diplomatic ministrations?

Yes we did!

Now comes America's First Lord to insult the British, our historic ally, by first removing Winston Churchill's bronze bust from the White House, a gift on loan from former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and ordering it dumped back to the British Embassy, then further compounding theandensp;embarrassing slight by dissing Gordon Brown, Britain's current prime minister by showing faint enthusiasm overandensp;his recent visit to Washington.

Why? Well, Obama lamely says it was because he was too tired.

This is change we can believe in?

Carter Swart

Crescent City