Steve Chittock

Convalescent center gave wonderful care

This letter is another tribute to the Crescent City Convalescent and Rehabilitation Center. I wanted to say that in all the years we lived in this community no one has ever wrote about this hospital. But this changed with Cindy White's lovely letter ("C.C. Nursing and Rehabilitation not given enough credit for its work," Feb. 27). She wrote about their wonderful care in an end-of-life situation; our experience was involving the rehabilitation of my husband.

I would never have believed that two months in the hospital, first here and then at Rogue Valley, would deplete him of every ounce of strength. It took three aides to just hoist him into his bed as he was neither able to stand, sit, or in any way, maneuver on his own. At that instant, I realized I could not have taken him home at that time. But it only took the physical therapist one week to have him sitting in the wheelchair so we could both attend the Thanksgiving dinner at the dining hall.

For those of you who have wondered about the food in the home, let me tell you it was very good and well served. This goes for every meal of the day, and we were there for six weeks.

The love and care given by these nurses and nurse's aides was overwhelming. I can only say they are awesome. Also, they taught me so much on how to care for my husband at home. It really made everything so much easier.

There is so much more to say about this place, to allay all the stories being passed around about nursing homes. Be that as it may, I am not painting all places with the same brush, but our own Crescent City home is well managed, super-clean and has the most pleasant staff caring for the patients. I salute you for your service.

Marie H. Timm

Crescent City