Steve Chittock

Congratulations on a job well done to Roger 'Bronc' McCovey

I thank you for your excellent coverage of our state champion wrestler, Roger McCovey, but wanted to expand a bit on your article.

The story in Tuesday's paper referred the reader to a Web site for video of the title match in Bakersfield. Hungry for some first-hand knowledge, I ended up at this site, (this site works better than the one your article referred to, and note: only 1 "w" in the title!) Then I did a search for "McCovey" and found numerous videos of his big matches this year and last. I settled in for a night of great sports-watching, clicked the button which makes the videos full screen, and was amazed.

In every match, Roger was outweighed by a good 15-30 pounds. One of the announcers remarked at the beginning, "That McCovey boy looks more like an 189-pounder than a superheavyweight!" Those spandex outfits look awesome on a body like Roger's; but on some of his opponents, who, shall we say, are a bit bulky, they seem to highlight the bulges. And I'm willing to bet that many of those large, hulking specimens had never experienced being picked up high in the air and thrown on their backs! So, I'd like to add my congratulations on a job well done to Roger, his family, and the excellent youth wrestling program in Del Norte that produced this world-class athlete.

Many of us were thrilled to watch an obscure Wyoming boy from a small town, Rulon Gardner, win the Olympic Gold in 2000. Roger, mark 2012 and 2016 on your calendar now - there is absolutely no reason why you can't be the next Rulon! We'll have to change the name of the event to "Flinging Fat Rumanians Around"!

Thomas S. Owen

Crescent City

Shame on Crescent City for not congratulating Roger McCovey

Shame on you Crescent City, has anyone in this town heard, it's two state titles in a row for Roger "Bronc" McCovey?

What a great accomplishment. Now if this was to happen in my hometown, the storefronts would be painted up with congratulations showing how proud we are of such a great accomplishment. But as I drove through town today I saw nothing, not one banner or anything that resembled a well done to this young man.

So well done, Roger "Bronc" McCovey, well done!

R.W. French

Crescent City

Thanks to everyone who participated in spelling bee

This is to acknowledge and thank all of the individuals who participated in the county Spelling Bee. These individuals volunteered their time and energy.andensp;Without their donation our students would not get to experience the joy of competingandensp;in a spelling bee.

A very special thank you to Bill Hartwick, coordinator for the district spelling bee and principal at Crescent Elk Middle School.andensp;Thank you toandensp;all of the facilitators:andensp;Susan Cochran, Ellen Shullaw, Liz Green, Gordon Pfeffer, Charlene Knowlton, Norma Smith and Amy Ross.

Thank you to all of the pronouncers: Michelle Bradley, Mary Horn, Mary Webster, Chris Owen, Mady Wolsfeld, Jan Moorehouse and William Maffett.

And thank you judges: Pat Jensen, Faith Crist, Leigh Freneau, Beth Green, Mary Hosley, Ian Cardy, Roger Bodenstab and Linda Johnson. Thank you to our School Superintendent, Jan Moorehouse,andensp;and School Board member William Parker for handing out the trophies and personally thanking and congratulating each and every one of the spelling bee winners.

A very big round of applause goes out to all of the students that competed in the spelling bee.andensp;Every one of you should be proud - I know that those of us in the community are.andensp;Also, thanks to all of the family, friends and teachersandensp;who took the time to work and study so tirelessly with their students.andensp;These children are our future and it is looking bright!andensp;I hope I did not miss anyone, if I did, thank you.

Stephanie Neumann

Fort Dick