Adam Madison, The Triplicate

No reason to question study of solid waste authority

I'm relieved to see that county Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen is going forward with his inquiry concerning the Solid Waste Management Authority.

Why should anyone be concerned about the formation of a committee to review this agency and its place in today's environment?

If this agency is funded from the escalating fees I pay to dispose of garbage, I want this study to go forward.

If it is funded through grants from my tax dollars, I want this study to go forward.

And if it is a government agency that has found another way to survive, I think everyone needs to take a look.

Jim Mello

Crescent City

Thanks to everyone who helped care for ill friend

My dear friend, Dee Gomez, passed away Feb. 24 at Sutter Coast Hospital. On behalf of all her family and friends, I wish to thank all the firemen, rescue and ambulance personnel who repeatedly came to her aid during her illness.

You always came quickly, handled every situation with the utmost professionalism, and were always so kind to her. Thank you to all the emergency room staff. We appreciate the caring attitude toward Dee and to anyone who sat with her. You were very helpful and kind.

Thank you to the nursing staff who took care of her during the many times she was admitted to the hospital, especially her last stay there. Thank you for the muffins and coffee and for letting me stay with her all night. I did not even have to ask. As soon as she was in her room, a bed was offered to me and anything I needed was provided.

To all the hospital staff: Thank you for your patience with all of us, your kindness, and your swift attention every time we called for you from Dee's room. You all truly have a caring spirit.

A special thank you goes to Dr. Micheletti, her knight in shining armor, and to his wonderful staff. We can't thank you enough for the loving way you took care of Dee during her illness. You were always cheerful and compassionate, though very professional. Thank you, Doctor, for listening to her and for respecting her wishes as well as being so patient with her friends. She thought the world of you.

A big thank you to Sharon Minium, her friend and caregiver. We knew we could always count on you for anything and you went above and beyond for Dee. You are a special person to all of us. I hope I didn't leave anyone out. To all who had a part in helping her, whether it was a meal, a prayer, a ride, whatever it was, we appreciate you. All of you made this ordeal more bearable and because of that, it makes it easier knowing she was well cared for along the way.

Nona Thiel

Crescent City

Adoptees should not be treated as 2nd-class citizens

I am an adult adoptee born in California in 1969. I do not have the same civil rights as non-adoptees in this state. I cannot access my original birth certificate or my sealed adoption records.

My "amended" birth certificate has been falsified showing my adopted parents as my biological parents. My original birth certificate with my true biological identity and names of biological parents was sealed when my adoption was finalized a year after I was born. I do not have access to family medical history and cannot locate family members to give or receive organ donations, if needed.

I can't fill out the "family history" on any doctor's forms. This disenfranchisement endangers my health and the health of my children. Since 9/11, adoptees are routinely being denied passports out of the country because their birth certificates are amended. We are forced to produce extra documentation proving that we are U.S. citizens, charged extra fees and delayed several weeks until our identifications are finally accepted and we are granted passports. (This is just one example of proof of identity issues that California adoptees face every day.)

Adoptees are not second-class citizens and should not be treated as such. I should be able to go down to the vital records department and purchase a copy of my original birth certificate like non-adoptees can. My heritage is being withheld from me. This is a gross injustice and a blatant civil rights violation.

Mara Rigge


We have bounced back before and we will again

I would like to take this opportunity and thank everyone for all the support that was given to me and my daughter when the fire took place. A month has passed now, and we are in our new home.

I thank you Michele and Rick, Kevin and Gayle, Dean, Stephanie Alexander, Daniel and Socorro and L.

The members of the Del Norte County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and this community as a whole, have shown me the true meaning of friendships.

I just want to close with these words.

Having my home burn was a bad feeling. But it's even a worse feeling when I hear people making statements such as "during these hard economic times." I say, tell us something we don't know. We are a strong community. Not to mention, this country has been in a depression before, and as history speaks for itself, we bounced back. We did it before and we will bounce back again.

In the meantime, we will have to work extra hard, but that's alright. We have always carried our own, and you all have shown me that, when I lost everything in the fire, it was you all who encouraged, telling me, "you'll bounce back." Well, now I just want to encourage you in return.

We accomplished great things last year in 2008, but we will accomplish even greater things in 2009.

Again, thank you to everyone for all the support you have given to me and my family. Gracias.

Lisa Serrano


Del Norte County Hispanic

Chamber of Commerce