Steve Chittock

Weighmaster answers question asked by Gerry Hemmingsen

As a weighmaster at the Del Norte County Transfer Station, I would like to answer one of the questions asked by county Supervisor Gerry Hemmingsen in his March 12 guest column: "Is it true that Brookings' fees are much less than ours?"

Every day I see customers that come from Brookings to dump their trash at our transfer station.andensp;I have asked them why they come here.andensp; Their response is that it is cheaper here.andensp;Because we have a scale, there is no estimating the loads.andensp;They like that they have the option to recycle wood, metal and brush, plus they can dump their regular trash at a lower rate and save money.andensp;It is also faster for them to weigh in and out.andensp;And last, but not least, is that we are clean and it doesn't smell.andensp;

Our Brookings' customers say that they dump their trash first and then go to shop at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, etc.andensp; They are already coming to Crescent City, so why not bring their trash too?andensp;andensp;

I invite Supervisor Hemmingsen to join me at the booth and spend some time talking to our customers to see for yourself what great service we give our community.

Andrea Wadsworth

Crescent City

'You can achieve anything if you work hard enough' a myth

In typical elitist propaganda, your rag runs stories and letters about one Mr. McCovey, the "wrestling champion."

There are quite a number of athletes in the Del Norte High School system, are there not? Most get little or no coverage.

Everybody loves a winner, do they not? The rich get richer and so forth.

Let us peer into the future. Wrestling is not a professional sport. Neither is it well-funded on the international and Olympic levels. Often, wrestlers must work at odd jobs to support their training expenses.

What do you suppose the odds of Mr. McCovey are that he goes on to 1) win at the college level; 2) win at a national college level; 3) win at an international and Olympic level?

This redundancy of "be the best you can be" or "you can achieve anything if you work hard enough" is simply a lie, a myth.

How many kids are playing organized basketball in the United States, dreaming of stardom? There are approximately 300 National Basketball Association players. There are 3 or 4 million truck drivers. Maybe "champion" athletes are driving trucks.

The outright lies we tell our children in schools, "anybody can be president." No, only one man can be president; the odds are 312 million to 1.

The salient point being, the continued harping on achievement, success, and winning created a great many "losers." Society is like a pyramid: a very few at the pinnacle, the vast majority at the bottom or near the bottom.

There must be some better system! There simply must!

Joseph Brauner

Crescent City

Thanks to Sutter Coast for care of woman who suffered a stroke

On March 6, our mother LaReta Sanders, suffered a massive stroke. Although she passed away as a result of the event, we would like to extend our heart-felt thanks to Sutter Coast Hospital and the following fine staff:

The emergency room physicians, Dr. Sam Shieko, Drs. Sylvia Nash and Diana Bruna, emergency room nurse Margo and the entire staff of the emergency room. Due to their diligent efforts and and expertise, Mom was stabilized, allowing her to be moved into the MCU ward of the facility.

The staff of the MCU, Jennifer, Doris, Laura, Amy, Logan, Dave and Ken, worked tirelessly to make Mom comfortable those last hours, and assisted us, her family, in ways only they could help to make our loss easier to accept.

As a coincidence, while at the hospital with the family, Paul Kirckpatrick, LaReta's son-in-law, suffered a condition that required emergency room treatment, again provided by the very competent ER staff. He is home now and doing much better.

The compassion, expertise and professionalism of those mentioned, and the entire staff is a tribute to Sutter Coast Hospital, its personnel and management. Del Norte County, Crescent City and Brookings are very fortunate to have this fine hospital available in a time of need.

Michael and Lorna Ekkart

Paul and Wanda Kirckpatrick

Scott Skeels