Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Critics of police, sheriff never notice the good work they do

At approximately 5:15 p.m., Tuesday, March 17, a call came over the scanner of a child with a gun in the field across from Mary Peacock School.

I won't go into details; however, within 20 minutes the Crescent City Police Department found the kid with a BB gun playing in the field across from the school. During that time, they locked down all of the after-school programs and rounded up everyone waiting in the parking lot and put them in the safest place they could.

It should also be mentioned that a fellow from Fish and Game was in the area and immediately came over to help.

The local Watch Puppies are real quick to point fingers, write letters and, oh yes, try to incite the masses into believing that our Police Department and Sheriff's Office are full of unscrupulous men and women who beat people up or Taser them for no reason at all, write tickets just because they don't like the looks of the person in the car, and yet when the Police Department does good, like handling the recent bomb threats to the high school and the Flynn Center (yes, I know that CHP, fire, ambulance and others helped, but the Watch Puppies only go after the Police Department and the Sheriff's Office), where are the Watch Puppies then?

Are they maybe walking around in the crowd just waiting for an officer to make what they might perceive as an offense against someone? I have said it before and I will say it again: Watch Puppies, rather than sit back and complain about everything and cause hate and discontent between the Police Department, the Sheriff's Office and the public, why not get involved with the volunteer programs? Then, if after being on the other side of the fence for a while, you still see what you perceive is a problem, bring it up at the next volunteer meeting and go from there.

If you are going to accuse, then make all the facts known at the same time you accuse whomever it is you're angry with and print the facts as well as the accusations.

If anyone thinks my letter is way off base, please, pick up a pen, pencil, or computer and write your own letter as to why you think I'm wrong.

Yea or nay, let's hear your opinion of the CCPD and DNSO.

William Turk

Crescent City

Keep it up, young athletes, we are rooting you on

Accent the positive, eliminate the negative, isn't that the old saying? Good advice, I believe.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that negative letter to the editor ("'You can achieve anything if you work hard enough' a myth," March 18). Well, it got my dander up, I must say, and I know a lot of other folks were upset, too.

I've been meaning to write a letter to the editor for a long time to give our newspaper a great big hug and pat on the back for all the wonderful, heartwarming stories of our Del Norte athletes! Great job, you guys.

You don't know how long our little town waited for the outstanding coverage of our Del Norte families. We feel we know these youngsters through your stories, and what great ones we have! I really truly believe that you have inspired these kids to excel as they have in each and every one of our sports, through your great layouts and information in our newspaper.

Also, all the personal stories that you have shared with special people from here. Love the local news on the front pages where we look, because that's what is important to us. And the great personal stories of Michele Thomas, never miss that one either.

Also must mention all the wonderful articles you printed of our local here, Bruno deSolenni, the best, God rest his soul, sweet soldier. Thank you for the ultimate price you paid for us.

And I want to thank those athletes who have gone the extra mile to make our town truly proud (I sent some of the articles down to my son who lives in Bakersfield, when McCovey beat Bakersfield, not once, but twice, how about that?) Our little town beating a great big town? Pretty great, don't you agree?

Well, you can bet, all you young athletes, the silent majority is out there, reading the papers and rooting you on. You just keep going - great job!

Mimi Stephens