Steve Chittock

Self worth, confidence are best gifts we can give kids

This is in response to Mr. Brauner's letter ("'You can achieve anything if you work hard enough' a myth," March 18). I strongly disagree with your conclusion that we are telling our children lies by encouraging them to be the best they can be.

What a dark, depressing and hopeless world we would live in if we followed your way of thinking. While it is not always feasible to acknowledge every achiever in the paper, it would be a great tragedy not to commend those that are working hard and setting an example for the rest of us.

Speaking as the parent of several athletic and academic achievers, I know that without dedicated teachers, coaches and parents supporting them and cheering them on every step of the way, many of these kids would never have imagined they were capable of doing the things that they are. Medals, ribbons, trophies, and an article in the paper are nice, but self worth and confidence in yourself are the greatest rewards we can give to these kids.

While they won't all measure up to your standards of accomplishment, I believe that there would be a great deal more "losers" in this world if we did not encourage our children to be their best, whatever that level in society may be.

While not everyone can win, I believe they are all winners, because they learn that they can make a difference in their world no matter how small or insignificant that may seem to you. Some wisdom I have picked up in my short life: everybody matters, we all impact the history of the world, whether for good or bad, that depends on you!

Lori Clay

Crescent City

Margie Godwin deserves thanks for helping diabetics

A special thank you to Margie Godwin.

The time and expertise you donated to help educate diabetics at the diabetic support meetings is much appreciated.

We are especially grateful for the book you spent so much time researching and assembling. This book contains a wealth of knowledge for diabetics.

The slides you presented with your lectures were both helpful and interesting.

And your lectures, fantastic! They were educational, easy to understand, and with the one-liners you threw in, everyone listened, learned and enjoyed. After all of that, you always took the time to answer questions.

Thank you so much, from the many you have helped.

Evelyn Rourich

Crescent City

I don't think Jack Stafford knew what an impact he made

I am writing to say "goodbye to Jack Stafford," my speech coach at Del Norte High, in the mid-'70s.

Jack, so many of your students will miss you, as I will. Until I became a member of the Speech Team I was just another student in high school. I am an extrovert by nature but had no way of expressing myself and making friends. Sports and music, I had no talent for, but memorizing a 10-minute speech and getting up in front of a class of students and or judges, that I could do.

Being on the Speech Team was fun and educational at the same time. It was you who helped me to perfect my speeches, get across my view and opinions and even "win" sometimes. You gave me and hundreds of students confidence to believe in ourselves.

Going back to Crescent City over the years, I have gotten to see you now and then. I don't think you knew how much of an impact you had on me and other students on the team. You will be missed by many, and forever have a special place in our hearts.

Melanie Sherman Dermody

Kingston, N.Y.

Effort to build monument needs more help from vets

I'm a newly arrived citizen of Del Norte County, the most beautiful, greatest part of the United States. I'm proud to have served 21 years in the U.S. Air Force, dating from World War II.

I recently attended a meeting at the VA memorial building. It was a meeting to discuss the progress being made on the veterans memorial to be located in Crescent City. The meeting was attended by a small number of dedicated veterans.The prime movers were a high-ranking police officer, member of the City Council and of the harbor. There was also a surprisingly low turnout of veterans.

Del Norte County has a large number of retired veterans. In order to accomplish this endeavor, we need the support, urgently, of all veterans and the entire community

Veterans especially have put themselves in harm's way for the good and welfare of the entire country. A memorial to acknowledge this service would be appropriate, both for the veterans and for the community.

This memorial would honor the five major branches of the military, the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and Coast Guard. There are others that deserve to be listed as veterans. These are the National Guard, Military Reserve, Merchant Marines and other that I have missed. These should be honored with a plaque attached to the main memorial.

Above all, we need your support. For more information, please call 464-2154.

George C. Herrick


Benita Cabrera contributes much to Del Norte County

Sometimes the subjects in the letters to the editor baffle me. The subjects addressed, but mostly those that are overlooked. With such majestic nature surrounding this hidden gem, it's easy to miss the absolute beauty of some of Crescent City's fine people.

While I am in awe of the trees and the beaches, I am equally in awe of honor, dedication, and unrelenting generosity. Recently, a true Del Norte hero departed her position of over 14 years at the North Coast Rape Crisis Team. Most of you know Benita Cabrera in one aspect or another. She served Del Norte County on many boards and volunteered hundreds of hours in her effort to raise awareness.

When Benita took on the National Clothesline Project, there were 75 shirts representing the voices of survivors; after she championed the project, now Del Norte County proudly boasts over 250 shirts. She has been the "feelings lady" to your small children, whom she taught to use "No, Go, Tell" to feel safe, the one your teenagers ask about sex and legal consent, and the secret keeper many adults have whispered their private horrors to in the middle of the night.

While Benita is no longer educating in the schools, or advocating in court or at the hospital for survivors of sexual assault, that doesn't stop her from seeing a cause and doing her part to support it. She recently joined the Family Life Board at the school district and single-handedly raised around $500 for the End Human Trafficking Campaign by crocheting and selling scarves.

Her passion always tries to raise awareness around the rights and safety of all people. Funny, if you Google her name, everything that comes up is in support of Del Norte County's women, children and families. And I don't think she'll ever stop. Whether you read about her thanking children for cleaning up cigarette butts, or trying to rally support for your star wrestler, this woman is all about the Unity in Community.

I've learned so much from her and you are lucky to have a woman like this in your community. Next time you drive the beach or hike in the trees, remember that each citizen adds to the majesty that is Del Norte County. Thank you, Benita, for being a person to look to, depend on, and admire - one more beautiful element that makes this area such a hidden treasure.

Chris Potter


Keep unsafe Mexican trucks out of the United States

I am so glad we have such a great ally in Mexico.

The Mexican government now says it wants to impose tariffs on 90 American companies just because we don't want its unsafe trucks coming into the United States anymore.

Congress finally does the right thing when it comes to the unsafe Mexican trucks, so what does the great American, John McCain, do? He complains about Congress being "protectionist."

John McCain has been a big supporter of deregulation, open borders and free trade. He has been a shameless cheerleader for Wall Street and a sworn enemy of the working class.

If that isn't enough, the Obama administration is looking to capitulate to Mexico and its threats on the trucking issue.

I am really sick and tired of these Ivy League geniuses like Obama undermining and sabotaging this country every chance they get.

Obama is going to fix our economy by putting a bunch of Wall Street blood suckers and Federal Reserve Bank parasites on his economic team?

I don't think so, Scooter. Everybody on Obama's economic team is a complete loser. Tim Geithner as the treasury secretary is the biggest loser of all. Not only was he the genius who wrote the bailout bill, this tax cheat claims he is going to crack down on all the other tax cheats. Huh?

Obama the magnificent takes his sweet time getting us out of Iraq and he sends 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan, and yet he does not want to send any troops to the Mexican border. God forbid he would do anything to upset La Raza or Felipe Calderon.

Joe Thomas