Steve Chittock

Thanks to the community for taking part in Indian Taco fundraiser

Our family would like to thank the community for participating in our Indian Taco fundraiser to help sent our daughter, Grace Bruschi, on her trip to Austria to compete in the Olympic style sports this summer.

For those of you that are interested in keeping track of the money we raise, Friday and Saturday we raised over $1,500. Grace is halfway there.

We would like to apologize to anyone we that either got a messed up order or who was forgotten, we were extremely overwhelmed at the response of the community.

We would like to personally thank The Triplicate and KCRE for the promotion and Sysco, Northwoods, Spotlight Video, and Jan Paul for donating items for our fundraiser.

An extra-special thank you to my friends Edith, Becky and Jan, we couldn't have done it without them. What a success, thank you again.

Debbie Bruschi

Crescent City

Letter writer: Corporations are fictitious persons. Let's get real

To my fellow taxpayers: As one of 150 million American taxpayers, I'd be very pleased if we could see about being a little more responsible with our tax dollars. Because spread evenly (correct me if I'm wrong), we all already owe about $73,333 each. Which means that if you are like most of us, and are married, you guys owe together about $146,666.

Now owing that much money reminds me of the time my wife and I were in an 8-foot sailboat with a lot of sharks bigger than our boat swimming about us, and she says, "I don't know about you, but I just can't get comfortable." So now our esteemed elected leaders want to add another $9 trillion.

Hey, wow, now this is starting to add up. I wonder how I am going to pay my share. That's a lot of interest that might be better spent, year by year.

Our elected leaders, had they not been bought by AIG among others, would not have let AIG happen. They all knew about it, both sides took lots of money. Why does AIG give money to Democrats and Republicans?

My idea of a fix is to take back our elected officials from the big corporations by enacting anti-bribery laws. In other words, stopping what are also known as campaign contributions to politicians. It seems to me, a so-called no-brainer, corporations are fictitious persons. Let's get real.

Brent Baker

Crescent City

A wonderful 80th birthday surprise bestowed on Hiouchi resident

There's a little old lady living in the community of Hiouchi with red hair that is loved more than she realized!

You see, on her 80th birthday, a few of her dear friends were taking her out to dinner (she thought) and what a surprise it turned out to be. Instead of three or four friends there, it turned out to be 38 friends! What a wonderful surprise it turned out to be for her.

She found out there would have been even more if the dear friends that planned it had thought there would be enough room. She was still stunned the next day and hardly knew what to say, and that is very unusual for her because she talks all the time, ha!

She is still amazed to realize that some of her best friends could keep that secret from her. How wonderful! Her immediate family, Cal, Don, Becky and Sandra, would all have been so pleased if they could have been here to see that, as they all loved her so much.

She says she thinks she will have another birthday next week because this one turned out to be so much fun! She also says thank you to each and everyone who was there and a very special thank you to the ones who planned her party. Her name is Peggy.

Peggy Kinkade