Adam Madison, The Triplicate

It is easy to forget what makes a community special

I love Crescent City. Like a voyeur gazing at a lovely vision from afar, I sit in an office in Redding reading The Triplicate online once or twice a week. Reading "Letters to the Editor,"my heart is touched by people like Anthony Guerra challenging us to live the Golden Rule. I follow this with a smile while reading the darling letter from Peggy Kincade thanking her friends for her surprise 80th birthday party. I am thrilled by Mary Thiessen's letter regarding LRT, knowing what support means to community theater.

While I read the news items with interest, the real treat for me is found in the Opinion section. I have laughed, cried and been generally delighted by Inez Castor's Gopher Gulch column. I was moved by publisher Michele Grgas Thomas' column the day she received the book "Hippie" from an old friend, by Richard Wiens' column "Another Day In Paradise" written on Super Bowl Sunday and by local attorney Jon Alexander's column on Inauguration Day.

I realize that Crescent City has its problems. That doesn't make it special, I don't know of any communities that don't have problems. What does make it special are the things the community offers on the "half-full" side. Just as it can be easy to forget to take the time to breathe in the salt air, smell the musty scent of wet redwoods, or feel the power in the ocean waves; it is easy to forget the people that make a town a great place to live.

I treasure my visits to Crescent City and count down the months until I am able to live there (23). In the meantime, this is my love letter to you, the people that make Crescent City special.

Susan Daugherty


'Bush Gang' ruined country and is preparing to leave it

I am writing this letter in an attempt to help people regain some perspective, some reality, about just what ails our great nation.

Our country has been victimized by a gang of murderous thieves and impostors I refer to as "The Bush Gang." Ever since the mid-'70s, George Bush Sr. has masterminded a non-stop series of crimes against the people of America and humanity. Heroin, cocaine and illicit weapons deals, oil-market manipulations, farcical government spending on corrupt programs such as the laughable "War on Drugs," and illegal campaigns of mass murder in order to feed the fires of needless wars and their main purpose, profit for the military-industrial complex. The list goes on and on, stupefying in its audacity, malice and infinite greed. Dare I mention 9/11? Bet on it.

Now, having caused generations of debt and social disintegration, having cleaned out the vaults, "The Bush Gang" is gleefully thumbing its nose over a last round and preparing to clear out of town.

How they managed the crimes can be generally attributed to a 40-year campaign of intentional electronic programming through the (mostly) monopolized media. Eventually, an unprecedented "herd" mentality was developed in America. A uniformity of ignorance and submissiveness that only decades of deception, misinformation and electronic mind control can produce. Their goal is to create fear, hatred and wealth worship, ultimately dividing the people of this great land in nearly every way possible; hence, leaving the nation vulnerable.

The most outrageous aspect of this entire obscene crime is the nature of the criminals themselves. Look at these people: Bush Sr. (barfs on people), George W. Bush, Condi, Cheney (the dyslexic bird hunter), Rove, Rumsfeld, and the list goes on and on, including all the minions of this sorry group.

These gangsters need to be imprisoned, have all their assets repossessed and their corporate co-conspirators seized and nationalized. Only then can we hold up our heads in the world community. And only then can we prove that Americans are responsible, moral people who believe in the principles of freedom and democracy, as outlined in our Constitution, which has been so blatantly violated! Only then can we salvage our generation's greatness, securing peace, prosperity and honor for our descendants. We must make sure that "The Nerd Reich" falls hard.

Timothy E. Merritt

Crescent City