Steve Chittock

If you're unemployed, why not volunteer to help clean city?

During these economic times, I've come across several people who are unemployed. People who say they just can't find work! Well, here is a step that works toward finding that employment: volunteering your time toward a field that interests you, an organization that helps others or a business.

I did just that in the past and with patience, I was employed.

Recently I've volunteered some time pulling weeds to beautify parts of our city. You never know who will recognize your work and approach you for employment, i.e. CalTrans, landscapers or just an employer who wants a hard worker.

So how about it? Come join us in beautifying our city one section at a time. It does feel good giving back -you never know. If you wish to volunteer, contact me at 460-0196 or Donna Westfall at 464-6019.

Bill Covington

Crescent City

Liberals won't offer fair criticisms of Pres. Obama

Regarding Mr. Merritt's letter of March 28: I wonder why liberals write such angry, non-specific letters and can only vent their anger at Republicans and not at their own party?

For eight-plus years, liberals have excoriated President Bush about expanding the federal budget by $700 billion. In just two months, Obama is adding $1 trillion, more debt than all presidents from George Washington through G.W. Bush.

Do I think Bush was good for the country? On the Iraq war and keeping America safe, yes; however, he and the Democrats have not protected our borders, secured Social Security or Medicare from bankruptcy. Are liberals going to excoriate this president? No.

Obama has a treasury secretary who knowingly didn't pay all his taxes for four years and the IRS did nothing to him. Why? At least three other ranking officials did not pay taxes and other nominees turned down offers for high offices because of their failure to be above board on personal issues.

Mr. Merritt, are you as angry at this president as you are toward his predecessor? Why not? This president is trying to socialize America. Is that what you want? As for me, I want a free republic as set up by our founding fathers.

To paraphrase Michelle Obama: For the first time in my adult life, I am ashamed of my president.

Marlowe Thompson

Crescent City

'Bush Gang' letter a little over the top

I just finished reading Timothy Merritt's letter to the editor ("'Bush Gang' ruined country and is preparing to leave it," March 28).

All I can say is, "Timothy, lighten up on the Kool-Aid!"

Bob West

Crescent City