Steve Chittock

Florence Keller Park has been turned into dump

To the good citizens of Del Norte County: Guess what Florence Keller Park has turned into? A dumping ground for household garbage.

And to the asinine citizens who dumped the dresser, recliner, two bicycles, table and lamp on March 30, guess what? Your dirty deed is on camera.

So, good citizens, please stop trashing Florence Keller Park with your household trash. It's cheaper to pay $5 or $6 at the dumping station on Elk Valley Road than $1,500 when you get caught dumping at the park.

Dean Starkey

Crescent City

Habitat for Humanity builds third house

My name is Melinda Pearcey and I would like to thank everyone involved with the Habitat for Humanity project.

The third house has been completed and my family and I are ready to move in after the open house for you, the supporters, volenteers and community members who are interested in the home these wonderful people have built for our family.

The joy we feel about our future is wonderful and getting to know the people we have met through this project has been an experiance we will never forget. Please join us April 4 at 2 p.m. for the dedication and tour of this beautiful house we will call our home forever.

We thank everyone involved with this project and encourage you to stay devoted to Habitat for Humanity because it really is meeting a need for this community and you the supporters, business owners and community members are helping in a big way to help families to a better life.

We the Pearcey family thank you all very much.

Melinda Pearcey

Crescent City