Steve Chittock

Business Improvement Dist. non-compliance unsurprising

Fascinating article on the Business Improvement District non-compliance ("Report finds city, BID not complying with statute," April 4).

Surprising? No. The real reasons for non-compliance revealed? Not likely.

I only wish that Cochran and Langston would conveniently leave or "forget" how to do their jobs so that I could pay my property tax on a voluntaryandensp;basis.


Crescent City

Letter attacking Bush was full of misguided allegations

The 1960s were very good to Timothy Merritt, as shown in his letter to the editor ("'Bush Gang' ruined country and is preparing to leave it," March 28). Mr. Merritt's "facts" are all wrong. What I am the most amazed about though, is that The Daily Triplicate would print his letter in the first place.

The Triplicate's own "guidelines" state they do not accept letters that "might be deemed libelous" and "personal attacks on private citizens." Triplicate, what's up? Isn't his letter a little "over the top" concerning your guidelines? His allegations and accusations are blatant in nature and misguided in general.

Blaming G. Bush for everything that's happened over the last "40 years," including drugs, oil, illicit weapons deals, farcical government spending, and 9/11 all accomplished through electronic mind control? Come on! Please understand, Mr. Bush is not my daddy and I don't care what he wants to blame Bush for doing or not doing, but he's no longer even in office so let's be fair and give credit where credit is due.

Mr. Merritt's gross mismanagement of the facts and of the timeline of the events he's wanting to establish as evidence are frightening. The solutions he's proposing, however, are truly amazing in that these are conservative solutions to the liberal mess we're currently in.

David Lee


Roy Rook Construction volunteers roofing work

On behalf of the Lighthouse Quilt Guild of Crescent City, I would like to publically express our gratitude to Roy Rook Construction for volunteering expert roof repair for our guild building.

With a building such as ours, at 201 Del Norte St., over the years inevitable leaks occur with seasonal rains which we experience in this area. It happened and water seeped in. Roy Rook and volunteer Jim Norton consulted, checked the roof and applied temporary patches. When the weather cleared they returned, volunteering their time to apply a permanent repair, which we are now enjoying.

The willing action of volunteers such as Roy Rook and Jim Norton, donating their labor to our guild building is greatly appreciated. Small businesses such as Roy Rook Construction are the backbone of much of the commerce in our country. Any support to their businesses can only grow the economy, thereby lifting us all.

We can certainly recommend Roy's work.

Beverly Long


Lighthouse Quilt Guild