Steve Chittock

Heartfelt thanks to heroic strangers who appeared out of nowhere

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the three heroic strangers who appeared out of nowhere and pushed my car out of harm's way after it stalled right in the middle of the Highway 101/Northcrest intersection last week.

I also offer very special thanks to the kindly young man who looked over the engine, offered experienced mechanical advice, and lent me his cell phone to call the tow service.

I had never met any of these people before, and still don't know any of their names. It certainly affirmed my faith in the good, decent people of Crescent City.

Jane Christmas


New airport terminal a worthy project that needs our support

I write to protest the undermining of the needs of the many. I speak specifically about our "friends" who continue to protest the new airport terminal.

Too big for our needs, you say? What about 10 or 15 years from now? Or 20 years? Hopefully our area will have grown some by then and we will need the extra space. I know you don't want any growth but for this community to survive we need growth. Our elected officials have had the forethought of looking ahead and trying to plan for future contingencies.

If you take the time to read all the documentation and all the reports that have been done for this project you will see that our elected officials have bent over backwards to mitigate all the environmental issues.

Have you been to the current airport? It is over 50 years old and was not even built to be a commercial airport. Additionally it is not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

And your idea of busing people to Arcata to get on an airplane is beyond ludicrous. Why would you bus people that far to get on an airplane? If you drive to Arcata you have to all that travel time each way and you have to pay for parking, which you don't have to do in Crescent City.

A number of jobs would also be in jeopardy if you shut down this airport to commercial traffic, and in this time of economic hardship the last thing we need to do is lose more jobs in this region.

The Border Coast Regional Airport Authority might have the opportunity, through the president's stimulus bill, to have the entire airport terminal project completely or almost completely funded with very little cost to the residents of this region. That is provided the authority can act in a timely manner.

Should the residents be denied a nice, new and modern airport terminal because of a very few of our "friends"?

Whether you live in Northern California or Southern Oregon I urge you to call your local, state and federal elected officials and let them know you are for this project because it affects everyone who lives in this region.

Dean Clawson

Crescent City

Whether it's money, time or prayers, Habitat for Humanity could use help

There are some wonderful people in Crescent City. A bunch of them helped build a house with Habitat for Humanity for a hard-working family who couldn't have afforded it on their own.

It's a beautiful, two-story home, and a dream come true for the new homeowners. They just moved in after working on it for a year, and are ecstatic. Wouldn't it be awesome if lots more folks in Crescent City joined the effort to provide quality, affordable housing for deserving families? We can do it!

We don't need to wait for Uncle Sam to bail us out, we can help bail out each other. Even if you only have a few bucks to spare, every little bit helps. If you don't have any money, you could donate your time, or your prayers. If you have some derelict property, or an extra house, or a vacant lot, or something Habitat could sell to raise money, donate that.

Have a lot of money you don't know what to do with? Habitat will put it to good use. If you can assist Habitat's efforts in any way, give Treasurer Steve Brohmer a call at 458-3709.

Help make somebody's dream come true. And meet a whole bunch of wonderful people while you're at it.

Evelyn Cook

Crescent City