Steve Chittock

Improvements to South Fork Road a waste of tax money

Remember the "Bridge to Nowhere"? We now have Del Norte's very own "Road to Nowhere" ("South Fork Road Improveandshy;ments," April 10).  The political subterfuge used to defend this unneeded over-expense of tax money for the benefit of a few's enrichment should not go unnoticed.

Two-hundred and fifty vehicles per day? Sure, when you have bed and breakfasts lining the banks of the South Fork. What will we call the settlement, "Rock Creek Subdivision" or "Big Flat Paradise." Don't call and complain to your past supervisors or other politicians, as they have a vested interest in land that will increase in value as your property values decrease.

These statements can be backed up by looking at the public records as I'm sure the reporter has when writing this superb, yet not-fleshed-out article.

Bjorn Wilson

Fort Dick

Presence of pot clubs raises troubling questions

I see in the paper that we've succeeded in attracting a second much-needed health-care business to our area.

Until I read the article ("Doctors' orders: Medical marijuana dispensary is Del Norte County's second," April 11), I didn't realize there were that many people requiring their services. The existing competitor said there were 4,000 possible customers. Based on census data for Del Norte County, one in seven residents use their product. Just think of that next time you are standing in line at the supermarket, DMV or your kid's ball game.

They also provide referral services so that their customers can easily obtain medical help and will create jobs for their suppliers.

The local politicians are probably scrambling to find ways to spend this windfall tax revenue. Properly advertised, it might even draw some tourists and those needing health care.

Other entrepreneurs might be a little concerned that the new business will cut into their revenue, but they can be assured that they will obtain some new customers, as their drugs are stronger and represent the next step.

Let's all welcome our second pot club. Just what we need! I know they are legal, but who is going to monitor them and who is going to keep your kids from getting pot? At least it is fairly easy to sting merchants selling cigarettes and beer to minors.

Reread this and tell me if you concur with the addition of a pot club in our community.

Jim Wisbauer

Crescent City

Single-payer health care works in Canada, UK, France

Instead of using the taxpayers' money to fight another war, why don't we have a single-payer (government-run) health plan like Canada, France and England?

Is the insurance lobby not allowing that choice so it can keep the money in its own pockets? Even President Obama thought it was a good idea until he got elected. Can we the people stand up and tell our Congress members to vote on our behalf?

Susan May

Crescent City