Steve Chittock

Thanks to community, businesses that donated to school fundraiser

On April 4, Uncharted Shores Academy held its second annual fund-raising auction at the Del Norte County Fair Grounds. The purpose of our auction was to advance our school's opportunities in external educational outreach activities and assisting our school with its learning provisions.

For our event, we had a soup dinner, which included a variety of eight different soups, freshly made cornbread, and donated dinner rolls. I would like to thank the community, as a whole, and the businesses that donated to our live and silent auctions. We had many fantastic items donated. Due to the generosity of our patrons and donors, we were able to meet our fund raising goals for the evening.

I would also like to say thank you to all of the wonderful parents, family members, friends and staff that were able to get and make donations. A special thank you goes out to all of the hard work on the beautiful hand made items. I wish that I could thank each person individually, but my list would be long so you all know who you are. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Sabrina Young

Parent Club President

Uncharted Shores Academy

Another government study, another waste of tax money

Don't waste, and this isn't a pun, more money on another needless study.

The local governments waste our taxpayer money too often on studies that accomplish nothing but to satisfy egos or hidden agendas.andensp;It isn't wise to spend money, whether or not it is city, county or from any source, when it isn't justified.

What more is needed?andensp;The Solid Waste Management Authority is doing a great all-around job and funds itself. Why try to fix something which isn't broken or try to reinvent the wheel?andensp; I think more than just a study is at stake, including egos and hidden agendas, and it might end up costing the taxpayers more money to satisfy the aforementioned reasons.andensp;I realize some people are just anti-government and want to turn over everything to private enterprise, which will cost more money.

Richard Wendt