Steve Chittock

Teachers group: Layoffs will harm quality of education

In these difficult times, I am asking for the support of parents and community members. On Monday, April 20, there is a scheduled administrative law hearing to review the recent layoffs of teachers in the school district.

This is not a hearing for public comment, but rather an opportunity for teachers to try to convince an administrative law judge that these layoffs should be rescinded by the school board.

Our school district currently has 3.5 percent reserve, Forest Service dollars here and on the way, federal stimulus dollars coming, stable enrollment figures, and Measure A general obligation bond dollars to help with maintenance and building improvement projects.

Why are we cutting teaching positions that will hurt our children? Layoffs will increase class sizes and reduce programs such as music and P.E.

I encourage all Del Norte citizens to attend this meeting on Monday at 1 p.m. at the school district office board room.

If you would like to speak directly to a school board member, give one a call.

Mike Mealue

Del Norte Teachers Association President

Crescent City

Tina at Ray's video counter takes time to listen to people

I would like to thank the lady (Tina) who works at Ray's Food Place. She works in the video department.

She is kind and pleasant to all. She has time to listen to older people such as myself, and she is the reason people keep going back there.

She is an asset to Ray's. Thank you, Tina.

Shoniea Fromm

Crescent City

Come to Watchdogs meeting and hear for yourselves

William Turk's recent letter implying that Community Watchdog members should find other outlets for their volunteerism is off-base. I volunteered in Del Norte County 12 years as a firefighter. I founded the local MADD group. I took all the AJ classes at the college and wanted to be a cop, until I saw wrongful acts from our officers, I heard cops bragging and laughing about the wrong they get away with. I got tired of complaining and took action. Now I want to be a cop-watcher instead.

Which volunteer group would you be speaking of, for us to attend? We do have public meetings and we hear stories of abusive treatment from our citizens. They want to see a change. How long have you been here? Do you volunteer? Come to one of our meetings if you need to hear evidence of what we speak. We have no cover-ups, we want transparency and truth above all. We want respect and dignity for all. We do not point fingers; we shed light on bad situations, we educate people so they can know what to do when a bad situation happens. Do not worry, if bad situations are not happening, we will not see anything.

Whatever we say, we have evidence to back it up. We have a binder full of letters telling stories of abuse, which we will be sending to the state Attorney General's Office. Patterns are forming; some officer's names are showing up frequently.

It became time to shed light, and see change; this has gone on far too long. We have letters people have sent, we get phone calls several times a week, we meet with victims, and the stories are mainly about police misconduct. Although some recalls are on the way for some of our governing employees, not the police, for not meeting the public's standards for our care. We want them to have higher standards, better ethics so people do not have to be afraid any more. People should not have to be afraid living in America.

Lenda Beck

Community Watchdogs

Crescent City