Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Board should make cuts

to administrative staff first

At the School Board meeting Thursday, the board voted to increase class sizes, eliminating 11 teaching positions due to budget shortfalls.

I cannot help but wonder why the students and teachers are the ones who get short-changed at the first sign of budget issues, yet School Board members and administration do not eliminate any of their staff positions or take pay cuts. It is my understanding that some of the top officials on the school district make more money than the chief of police and other top employees.

Also, is it necessary to have the district office staff work through the summer and holidays? It seems that there are many other ways to cut spending without the negative impact on Del Norte County students and teachers.

Shellee Magnuson

Crescent City

Why is squirrels' treatment less important than people's?

In Thursday's Triplicate, I noticed an interesting coincidence.In the "Briefs" section on page A3, two stories appear next to each other: "Homeless numbers increase in Portland" and "Humane Society blasts squirrel slaughter."I wonder if the placement of these two stories could be intentional?

The first story describes efforts by Portland and other cities to solve the problem of increasing populations of homeless people. The second describes efforts by the Spokane Parks Department to solve the problem of an overpopulation of squirrels by injecting a mixture of explosive gases into their burrows, resulting in small explosions that kill the squirrels and destroy their burrows.

"The parks department said an overpopulation of squirrels is causing destruction at the arboretum and blowing them up is the best way to deal with the problem."

In my opinion, blowing them up iscertainly notan acceptablesolution in either case, but whyis our treatment of thesehard-working squirrels consideredless important morally than our treatment of people?I would have some difficulty explaining this fine moral distinction to a God.

John Cupp

Smith River

Protesters are tools and fools of propaganda, rich people

I am one of the large majority Americans who is thrilled and happy about what I see as the new direction that President Obama is leading our country toward.

I am unlike those protesters who I see as tools and fools of the worst of media's news and propaganda machines such as FOX News, owned by rich man Rupert Murdock, and radio talk show rich boy Rush Limbaugh, who pretends to be a friend of the "people."

Ninety-five percent of the tax increases will be on people like Rush and Rupert, not the majority of people living in Del Norte County. So who do those protesters of tax increases for the wealthy really represent?

Meanwhile the government's stimulus money will be used to heal our rivers, fix our harbor and repair our roads. Those projects are just the beginning of a healthier and more secure way of life. Thank you President Obama and the wise people who elected him.

His goals of reducing oil dependency and developing green alternatives, improving educational opportunity, and extending health care to more Americans, as well as treating other nations in the world in a dignified and honest way, makes me truly proud to be an American after years of dishonest and neglectful leadership by President Bush and the Republican Party in Congress.

If this is socialism, give me more!

Annie Drager


Thanks to law enforcement's help with funeral proceedings

I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to the local law enforcement for its assistance on Saturday April 11.

As reported in The Triplicate, two correctional officers recently died while fishing near the lighthouse. Their funerals were held on Saturday at Foursquare Gospel Church, followed by graveside services in Smith River.

This required a caravan of vehicles to travel from the church via Highway 101 to Smith River. At numerous intersections along the route, local law enforcement coordinated the movement of these vehicles. They did so in their "dress blues."

I appreciate the respect shown by the local law enforcement for our fallen brothers. Thank you for the respect you showed. I would also like to thank the warden of Pelican Bay State Prison for allowing the PBSP Honor Guard the time to practice and participate in the services at the church and graveside. He also accommodated our personnel by allowing them to attend the services.

Paul Wenning

President, California Correctional Peace Officers Association Pelican Bay Chapter