Steve Chittock

Westfall's failure to persuade does not justify reversing a fair election

This petty, theatrical flourish by the newest, and least experienced, member of the City Council has "backfire" written all over it. It's premature and inappropriate - a trivial and anti-democratic abuse of a serious and, fortunately, seldom-used process. Recall is properly used only to correct the most corrupt and egregious abuses of power, or extreme incompetence and malfeasance.andensp;It's a serious and difficult process - and that's as it should be.andensp;Recall should not be used as a handy alternative to the difficult, often heated, political debate and compromise required of public officials - the kind of hard work this freshman member of the council has barely even been in office long enough to get acquainted with.

Ms. Westfall is perfectly within her rights to vigorously advocate any agenda for which she feels she has a mandate.andensp;And she's also within her rights to be a pain in everyone's backside in order to make her point, if she so chooses.andensp;But Ms. Westfall's failure to persuade her colleagues is not a reason to seek the reversal of a free and fair election, or to prevent the council from taking action on matters of importance to the city.andensp;Just because her colleagues disagree with her, and have the votes to prevail, doesn't make them corrupt or incompetent.andensp;That's not malfeasance - that's democracy.andensp; Furthermore, Ms. Westfall's attempt to use the threat of recall to intimidate others is likely to terminate any effectiveness she might have had as a member.andensp;Is this what she was elected to do?

If the people of Crescent City don't like someone's policies or approach - or if they prefer someone else's - then they should have the opportunity to express that preference at the next duly-appointed time - and not before.

Eric Jaderborg

Crescent City

Defluoridation campaigner says she is not part of recall movement

I would like to make a clarification regarding the article on January 18th about the recall effort. I was mentioned in the article as one of the recipients of Donna Westfall's email, which seemed to imply that I am part of a recall movement. While true that I was on the list the email was sent to, I've been on Donna Westfall's email list since the sewer rate protest days. But that does not mean I am part of every issue or even read all the emails. The reporter, Nicholas Grube, didn't bother to check. There were 19 email addresses on that email, but only a select few had their names printed in the paper, none of which are involved in any recall effort. Why were we singled out? Why were we implicated and not every other person on that list? What's the real agenda here? For the record, I am not nor have I ever been part of any recall movement of any kind. I'm plenty angry at the reporter for making that insinuation and his effort to discredit me and my defluoridation campaign.

Katherine Kelly

Crescent City

Council should do its job: Work together for the good of the city

After reading the headline story in Saturday's Triplicate, I propose we adopt a new city motto, "Crescent City, the city that puts the FUN in dysfunctional!" Of course with the City Council in the apparent turmoil some would have us believe, my suggestion would be talked to death and never be resolved. There is a chance, even though slim, the entire council would think my idea for a new motto is totally ridiculous and unanimously vote it down. If this were to happen it would show them how to work together for the good of the city and the residents of the city, their job as I recall.

George Layton

Crescent City

Thoughts on airport, City Council

Saturday's editorial, "Expand airport, accept regional responsibility" was right on the money. The suggestion of Eileen Cooper to bus travelers to Arcata is only surprising to me in that she didn't suggest using stage coaches.

Also, it looks like the circus at City Hall is getting nuttier everyday. That a coucil member with four months experience is using the "recall" word just because people aren't jumping on her bandwagon is unbelievable. The inmates are running the asylum, as they say.

Joel Obuchon

Crescent City

Triplicate Web site is truly amazing

Although I have been a subscriber of the Triplicate for years, I simply must say "thank you" for your (Web site) online presence! Truly amazing and greatly appreciated by those of us who can't take time in the morning to read the newspaper.

Carol Robinson

Crescent City