Steve Chittock

Cartoon a tasteless attack on those who choose to own firearms

It appears that the editor of this paper, Mr. Richard Wiens, has "stepped in it" by either selecting or permitting a bigoted cartoon to appear in The Daily Triplicate on April 18. Mr. Wiens, you allowed a cartoon to be printed that was nothing more than a tasteless attack on all Americans that have chosen to exercise their "individual right" to own firearms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (if you have doubts about this individual right, Mr. Wiens, I refer you to the recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling in the District of Columbia v. Heller).

This vile cartoon that you published equated all American gun owners with the terrorists and pirates of Somalia. Mr. Wiens, the extreme left-wing political bias of either yourself or someone else at The Daily Triplicate is showing.

Mr. Wiens, perhaps you allowed this terribly misleading cartoon to appear in your paper because you have become upset over recent stories released to the media by the Obama administration's Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She recently claimed that 90 percent of the guns confiscated from Mexico's drug criminals have come from gun stores and gun shows in the United States.

Ms. Clinton is lying. According to the ATF agents now working in Mexico, it's 90 percent of the "traceable" guns that are coming from the U.S. The overwhelming majority of guns taken from Mexico's drug gangsters are "untraceable" and are coming from other countries in Latin America as well as China, Iran, and former Soviet bloc countries.

In other words, the drug lords of Mexico have been buying the bulk of their guns from an international market that deals with authentic military weaponry.

Hillary Clinton is using half-truths and outright lies in an effort to justify reinstating the failed semi-automatic firearms ban of her husband's that expired in 2004. With the current administration's blessing, she will say and do whatever it takes to advance their anti-gun agenda. As soon as the political climate permits, they will move to enact as many anti-gun laws as possible.

Mr. Wiens, by publishing that truly obnoxious anti-American gun owner cartoon, you are doing your little bit to advance this misinformation effort - Hillary would be proud of you!

Wally Peets

Crescent City

Crescent City Airport seems to be perfectly adequate

Before we embark on the seemingly inevitable drunken orgy of wasteful government spending, let's take a brief look at the insanity already going on in our little community on just one of many fronts.

It seems that some of our local wannabe fly-boys have made it their mission to over-improve our little airport tenfold. Now the first thing you have to understand is that there would be no commercial service to Crescent City Airport if it weren't for a socialist government subsidy. So if Obama is serious about cutting waste there will be no need for a commercial terminal. We undoubtedly need our little airport for such important services as medical emergency flights, but do you really want your tax dollars to go to helping a very tiny minority of residents fly out of Crescent City, especially since the majority of the fliers seem to be petty bureaucrats like those running the airport "authority"?

Having flown out of Crescent City once or twice, let me tell you that the airport seems perfectly adequate! Admittedly the security trailer is a little tacky, but everything else seems to work just fine. Of course the new Airport Authority likes to toss scare tactics into the mix like asbestos, which is not a problem at all until you mess with it, and not ADA-compliant, so fix the bathroom already!

We also hear that the airport is inadequate for relief in case of disasters! I'm sorry, I just don't remember all the federal "help" planes heading for the Katrina disaster or the Oakland fire storm. Could that be because there weren't any?

So lets look at this living snowball of waste created by this new, totally unnecessary, home-grown bureaucracy. First a new fire hall with a new truck. A new airport manager who soon needed a new secretary who together, quickly invented the need for a huge new airport just in case we have multiple flights show up at the same time.

Want to bet that next they'll find a need to tear up the runways just in case Air Force One decides to drop in? Isn't everybody really tired of how our tax dollars are squandered?

Thomas Paine