Steve Chittock

Ninth annual Youth and Family Fair was a success

The ninth annual Youth and Family Fair on Saturday was a success due to the high energy and involvement from local leaders and the youth of Del Norte County.

Our community was united - the smiles and laughter were contagious! The hard work of the many vendors involved was heartfelt and inspirational. I would like to thank the following:

The Boundary Teen Center for its dedication to our teen population and for opening its doors for the many vendors that needed space; Buzz Mc Cullough and the teens from Del Norte High School; Blaine Lopez; Capt. Tim Van Marren, a Cal-Ore life flight pilot, for taking the time to help kids make paper airplanes and judge the contest; Henry and Trevor Babich, Friday Night Live students; Benita Cabbrera; Bar O Boys for their delightful service in the kitchen; Cynde Landriff, Eileen Harpell, Connie Burns and Jessica Slette for their smiles and patience at the greeter's booth; The Interact Club, Hannah and Eric Wilson; Lighthouse Repertory Theatre for bringing so many smiles to children's faces; Mike Henderson for presenting Karen Sullivan with the Above and Beyond Award; the YFF planning committee; Melodee Waggener; the Dauber Brother's Band, Logan Otremba, Lane and Jesse, Justin Haney, Travis Long, Trevor Henry, Kyle Mullen; Hmong dancers; Dancing with Debbie; Hannah Wilson, Juliana Laclair.

A big thank you to the local businesses that contributed to the teen scavenger hunt, raffle items and lunch, the harbor, The Daily Triplicate, the Del Norte County Fairgrounds, and Walgreens for the wonderful coverage and attention to detail in providing the community with information regarding the Youth and Family Fair.

The "pocket change" that was donated by the community totaled $300, for the Foster Youth Summer Camp, the community created two quilts for wounded troops, and we worked together to celebrate family friendly Del Norte!

The dedication and enthusiasm that exists within this community is instrumental in the progression of our community.

Krista Wilson


Child Abuse Prevention Council,

Why did Fire Dept. have burn when games were going on?

What was the Fire Department thinking Tuesday afternoon with its controlled burn?

Less then 100 yards away were 10- to 12-year-old girls playing softball while the debris from the flames of the burning house were raining down on the kids and parents. There were huge thick black clouds blowing over the field of both the girls' softball and boys' baseball fields.

They had the entire day to do the burn, and they felt the need to do it during the two to three hours of games? Everyone was beyond outraged, and parents were calling for their kids to be pulled off the field. I am an assistant coach for one of the teams and we just told the girls to hurry up and get the game over with so we could get out of harm's way.

The Fire Department really needs to think of the surroundings before pulling such an event again and putting children in harm's way. That was poorly planned and absolutely uncalled for.

Michael White

Crescent City