Steve Chittock

Westfall's behavior is so childish you can't help but laugh at her

I couldn't help but laugh when I read the April 18 article ("Westfall wants colleagues out") about Donna Westfall's desire to head a recall effort against some of her fellow council members and the city clerk.

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't laughing because the content was funny, but because Donna Westfall's behavior is so childish you can't help but laugh at her. Ms. Westfall can't get her way in such matters as the water fluoridation program she wants stopped, so she wants to remove some of her fellow members of the City Council. Reminds me of the way 6-year-olds may act if they can't control the game the way they want so they pick up their marbles in search of someone more pliable to include in their game.

Ms. Westfall even suggested emails were illegally accessed and phones were tapped. Oh please! Ms. Westfall, nothing you are likely to say or write is interesting enough to justify the effort of spying.

Ms. Westfall's narrow vision along with the ax she continues to grind against city staff is likely to continue to cost the residents of Crescent City both in money and time. Ms. Westfall admits she is "for drama." Maybe she should join Lighthouse Repertory Theatre and leave city politics and city management to people that are interested in the welfare of the city residents, not "drama."

Lesley Orr

Crescent City

Westfall is right, this sewage treatment deal really stinks

As I began to read the article in Saturday's Trip regarding City Councilwoman Donna Westfall ("Westfall wants colleagues out"), I thought, "here we go, a paranoid drama queen." But by the time I got to the back page, my thoughts were spinning.

Topics like how the outfall (sewage treatment) project transitioned into another project seamlessly. It wasn't until later that I realized a contract had already been awarded. The project had been manned and was ongoing long before I found out that someone had spent gobs of millions of my dollars.

I signed a petition and wrote a letter of protest, but that was futile. The deed was already done.

Was there a bid? Who did the engineering? Who drew the blueprint? Who made the decisions?

By the time I finished reading the article, I was thinking that maybe Ms. Westfall is on to something here.

I'm all for a necessary upgrade, but when I have a number like this done on me, it gets my dander up.

You're absolutely right, Donna. This sewage treatment deal really stinks (pun intended).

You go girl.

Tim Huntley

Crescent City

Maybe voters should think about recalling Donna Westfall

I have a suggestion for Donna Westfall. Maybe it's time she attend Totally Toddler Time at First 5 Del Norte and learn how to play with her other City Council members.

I believe she could learn something from the little ones.

The problem with Donna is that she does not know how to play in the sandbox with her other Council members. I have seen this at Council meetings. She makes claims that our sewer plant is being mismanaged and about the hazards of fluoride in the water without proof.

In her first 100 days she has not stepped forward to show that she has the leadership skills to be a Council member, unlike Kelly Schellong or Kathryn Murray.

What happened to her goat program to clean up our overgrown lots?

Maybe it's time that voters of Crescent City think about recalling her. I would sign a petition.

Richard Miles

Crescent City