Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Westfall shows courage

in her convictions

I was surprised when some friends found my praise for Donna Westfall's courage in her convictions."Oh, she shouldn't have done that" "Why?" "Well it's just not right.""She hasn't been around long enough." (If she stays long enough, ugh.)

"All truth undergoes three stages -first it is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed, and finally it is accepted as self evident." I don't know who said that, but it appeals to me.

Well, I congratulate Donna Westfall.We've found someone who has courage. I had never met her before, but I admired her quickly.She wasn't another, "Now that I've been elected, and collecting a salary and benefits, all I need to do is be cool - I don't want to disturb anyone or I might lose my privileges.Let's circle the wagons, and we will have it made."

Or worse, here is a kind of norm that can be seen working in most political groups: All such groups seem to have members who want to rule the roost, if a new member gets elected, and doesn't conform to the norms of the clique that runs the dump, that new person is an outsider who can't get a word in edgewise, has no authority or power, and is soon replaced by a friend of members of the clique. Soon, only the clique is left. That's when "the public interest goes down the (sewer) drain."

My belief, and I've seen it happen so many times, is that this ongoing kind of behavior is terribly destructive. Get a chance to talk to a junior senator, and in one breath you will hear, "I can't get anything done - guess I have to sit here for four years and keep my mouth shut, before I can do anything constructive." Then when they learn the ropes they "drop out" and become a lobbyist like everybody else.

Well, I can predict that Ms.Westfall will have some rough days - God bless her - let her become a new role model. She was working in our interest (my view) before she actually got elected. Let's watch and hope she doesn't quit - 'course quitting doesn't seem her personal style, but one can only tolerate so much.Please Donna, don't conform. You may never fit in, but you will keep your self respect. And many of us will remain proud of you.

Walt Morse

Crescent City

Thanks to firefighters and

volunteers for hospital drill

With this being the week to celebrate volunteers, we would like to thank James Weiland, Willie Morrison, and Jerry Cardenas from Crescent Fire Protection District Volunteer Fire Department for providing educational and instructive hands-on fire drills ever held at Sutter Coast Hospital.

Using a non-toxic smoke simulator used in fire training, they staged an evacuation drill in an area away from existing patients. Approximately 40 members of the hospital staff were able to get a first-hand view of the realities of a smoke-filled hospital room.

Our volunteer firefighters' dedication to protecting the public through the many hours of training and service they provide to the residents of our community is truly amazing and greatly appreciated.

Thank you to all the firefighters and to all the volunteers of this county.

Cindy Cruse

Mel Haggard

Sutter Coast Hospital Safety Committee

Dick Trone's column about

Myra Albrecht another gem

Like so many other "old-timer" sports fans, I always enjoy reading Dick Trone's contributions.

His column about Myra Albrecht was another gem. I would like to add that while it was always a pleasure to see her win, I particularly enjoyed watching her run. She had the most graceful, fluid style of any runner, male or female that I have ever seen.

She was "poetry" in motion and it's a great Warrior memory.

Rick Bennett