Steve Chittock

Senior citizens don't need people traumatizing them

I am declaring war on the punks that vandalized my parents' fence. This is not the first time that this type of scum have preyed on my parents.

I do not make a lot of money with my military pension, but I will give a cash reward to the person that gives the police information that brings the punk or punks to justice.

I did not go to war twice to defend my country just to come home and have my parents' property trashed. They work hard at keeping their property looking nice. I know that there will be people that read this letter that will disagree with me and say that I am just asking for trouble.

Our Founding Fathers gave us the Bill of Rights, stating we have the right to our freedom, and the right to defend our property. We emigrated from a country that had street violence and destruction and wish not to experience it in this wonderful country. I ask for help from my fellow veterans to please stand and help me keep an eye out for these destructive individuals.

Our community doesn't need these type of people running around traumatizing our senior citizens and their property. My parents deserve to live out their lives in peace without unnecessary worry and destruction.

Raymond Cardy

Crescent City

Disabled people ought to receive food stamps

I think it is about time for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients to get food stamps. The state takes away from people who are really in need. They should furnish food - that's where food stamps step in.

I have a husband who is totally disabled and in bed most of the time. I am also disabled. How can I get things he needs? There are many out there who are in the same situation.

If welfare recipients get food stamps, so too should the ones who are totally disabled. Half of welfare people aren't disabled. We need to look at the situation. Why put people who can't go to work behind people who can?

Suzanne Littletain

Crescent City

President wrong to protect those who authorized torture

President Obama is wrong to protect those who authorized torture.andensp;This is not about CIA employees who relied on authorizations from higher ups; it is about those higher-up officials.

As every good parent knows, it is essential that children learn that their behavior has consequences. The same is true for presidents, vice-presidents, secretaries of defense and other high officials. By assuring that those who authorized torture and violated the Constitution are brought to justice, we will send a strong message to other officials who may be tempted to abuse their power and authority.

Moral deterrence is just as important as military deterrence. Sen. Feinstein is right to caution the president against sweeping problems under the rug.andensp;Things swept under the rug have a way of coming back to haunt us.

We the People must insist on justice for the mighty as well as the lowly.andensp;

Felice Pace


Obama's first 100 days as president were disgusting

This letter is in response to a letter by Annie Drager ("Protesters are tools and fools of propaganda, rich people," April 18).

You mentioned you were one of the thrilled and happy people to see the new direction Barack Obama is leading our country. I'm one of the people, the hundreds of thousands of concerned taxpayers, that you saw in the many cities across our nation, the "Tea Rebellion."

These are people that are concerned that Obama is going to spend trillions of dollars on wasteful projects, money we don't have. Congress passed a bill spending $690 billion of taxpayers' money, including thousands of earmarks such as a high-speed train from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and "swine odor research."

Sounds like this is the new direction Obama is taking our nation. You mentioned if this is socialism, give you more. I would label his policies as stupid socialism.

He was the most partisan senator, hates Republicans and rich people. He wants to close the Guantanamo prison in Cuba, hasn't any idea what to do with the terrorists, and what the cost would be to try them in our civil courts. It would be millions of dollars - just what we need.

Another thing that worries me is the Democratic-controlled Congress and Senate. Look how bad our country has been doing in the last two years that they have been in charge.

Obama's first 100 days as president have been more than dismal; they've been disgusting.

Hope Obama keeps our country safe from terrorist attacks, like our past president, George W. Bush, had done since 9/11.

Support our troops and our great country.

George Pantell

Crescent City

Thanks for expert care given to brother at Sutter Coast

In late January my brother (Bruce), sister (Pam) and I came to your lovely city. It was a hurried visit to see our brother (Dwight) and his gracious wife (Valerie), as he was in the Sutter Coast Hospital ICU Unit.

We all knew this could be the last time we might see our gravely ill brother. We were blessed by many prayers, especially from the entire staff at the ICU Unit. From the doctors to every staff member, great love and care was given to Dwight, as well as comforting help to all of us.

Continued conversation on the problems, lack of progress regarding Dwight's condition and possibilities for new hope was given around the clock.

We are all very thankful of the expert care given to Dwight during his stay and are in full agreement that the ICU Staff (listed below) at the Sutter Coast Hospital had a big part in his recovery: Kim, Sheena, Jackie, Jennifer, Gabbi, Debbie, Peggy, Deanna, Mike, Lindsey, Kristy, Linda, Lin (sweetheart), CJ, Kathleen, Carol, Roberta, Diana, Tammy and Monica.

From the hearts of all of us, we thank you!

Rich Tarter

Snohomish, Wash.