Steve Chittock

Westfall shakes things up for the greater good as she sees fit

I am not privy to the inner workings of Crescent City politics; all that I have is hearsay. However, I admire Donna Westfall's courage of her convictions, as she is an activist at heart. She shakes things up for the greater good as she sees fit.

As an outsider, abstract artist and independent thinker/seeker of an Eastern bent, I am proud of her determination and drive, similar to Berkeley-think.

I don't know how all of this will end, but I do know that it's the diversity of the world that keeps things interesting for me. Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think; I don't know who said that one.

Better yet, "I may not agree with what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it."

Over and out.

Rita Daley

Crescent City

Triplicate is a good deal, but it doesn't see how city is abused

The Tuesday Editor's Note column tells me The Daily Triplicate is a good deal. I am sending in my annual renual, because I agree. Yet I would like you to weigh your own words and see better the city we work and live in.

Your one certain shortcoming has always been that you do not see how Crescent City is abused. You have repeatedlyandensp;helped theandensp;powers that beandensp;dupe our city into providing services and assets to Del Norte County, while actually neglecting and restricting the people who live here. Thisandensp;might beandensp;acceptable if Crescent City had a $40 million budget and the county had a $4 million budget. But theandensp;numbers are backwards. It is the county thatandensp;has almost 10 times more money than the city.

The duping is done by petting, stroking and chastising our eternally gullibleandensp;City Council members, and by obfuscating the names of city property and calling it "community" property

Through The Daily Triplicate you have reported over and over again how inept the city has been at managing its money. You presently report the harbor does not want to pay for its waste, so the city could pay for it instead.

You have denounced Donna Westfall before and afterandensp;her election. You haveandensp;sounded no alarm withandensp;private groups, outside the city, getting public money from the city.

At some point the voice of the city should be heard. Donna Westfall and others are ridiculed for being against a $42 million dollar sewer upgrade on land 11 feet above mean sea level. Yet, last Sunday night the program "Journey to the End of the World" forecast the complete melting of the Arctic by 2013. We all hope this is wrong, because it would mean Crescent City's demise in four years.

In short, renew my subscription, but know that I think you short-change the people who live in Crescent City by attacking our favorite leaders and promoting anti-city interests. Fighting over water is not a has-been issue. It is a constant struggle. To be clear, I too like City Clerk Dianne Nickerson, but I support Donna Westfall and will vote for her any chance I get.

James R. Barrett

Crescent City

Terrorists did horrific things but they still deserve a fair trial

I don't understand a person's thinking sometimes. The terrorists did horrific things, but they still deserve fair trials. They are human beings just like you and I. If you or I had done something wrong, broken a law, we would be tried in court. The terrorists have broken many laws, but this does not make it okay to take away their right to a fair trial.

People criticize President Obama on wanting to try terrorists in our civil courts, just because of the dollar signs. Come on! If we take away their rights as fellow human beings then "we" become evil.

The terrorists need to pay for the things they have done, but they need to be given due process, and presumed innocent, until proven guilty by a court of law.

Sirus Martinandensp;

Crescent City

Where do our priorities lie - with our children or wealthy bureacrats?

Regarding reallocation of First 5 funding to the general fund, I would like to ask on behalf of the children that are being violated, "Where do our priorities lie, in the hands of wealthy bureaucrats, or in the lives of our children and their future?"

I read somewhere that the budget in which you abide by is a statement of your values. We should consider this sentiment. The idea of allocating money to programs that are successful in providing a brighter future for our children, and then later saying, "Oops sorry we need that back," and hand it over to the hands of the government's "general fund" is unjust.

Our children's needs have been put on back order, shipment date unknown.

The Declaration of Independence states that a government gets or derives its power from the people it rules.andensp;If the government misuses its power, the people have the right to form a new government. Or in this case, vote.

Krista Wilson


Del Norte Child Abuse Prevention Council

First 5 Service Corps