Steve Chittock

Pacific Power proud to partner with community organizations

Throughout our nation and our state, people and communities such as Crescent City are being challenged as never before. Layoffs, foreclosures, even the weather seem to conspire to paint a bleak and stressful picture.

These are surely times we will hold up as a yardstick by which to measure future events. But the true measure of the times won't be the lessons about financial hardship and widespread economic strain, but the stories of courage, community spirit and working to make things better, together. Those stories will point to people and organizations that made the difference for us all, as a community, when things were good, but also when things were toughest.

These people and organizations are on overdrive serving our community, right now.

Our company has had the privilege to know and work with them for many years, organizations like the Del Norte Child Care Council, Rural Human Services and CASA. So we're proud to be partnered with community organizations that stand so tall during difficult times and ask that everyone who can, join us all.

Their work has never been more important. These organizations bind the community together with strong bonds, even in tough times. Take a minute and look around - perhaps because they may be able to help someone you know, or because you may be able to help others, as a partner.

Or at the very least, please just say thanks. They need and deserve all of our support now more than ever, on behalf of our community and our neighbors. Doing that is truly how we should measure ourselves.

Pat Reiten

President, Pacific Power

Portland, Ore.