Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Trike-a-thon a smashing success

Recently, the Joe Hamilton State Preschool held a Trike-a-Thon for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This was the third year that the children have done such, and with the backing of parents and support of Joe Hamilton School, the event was another smashing success.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the wonderful children that participated and to the children and staff of Joe Hamilton School for their cheers and support of the little ones.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the Smith River Rancheria for its generous donation to this cause, which brought the total raised to $2,500.

This community is to be commended for its rallying to such an event. The preschoolers, the staff of Joe Hamilton State Preschool, and Joe Hamilton Elementary are proud to be a part of such a caring group of people.

Trish Hughes

Teacher at Joe Hamilton State Preschool

Don't expect autism to decrease

To add to Walt Morse's April 1 letter ("Number of children with autism is growing"), here are some possible synergistic causes of autism.

Increasing acceptance of recreational drugs, cannabis and meth in particular, produce "cracking" of the genome, making "druggie" fathers equally guilty of producing defective children.

The Germans have pretty good evidence that 24/7 microwave radiation from cell phone towers is disorienting honeybees. They leave the hive in the morning, load up on pollen, then cannot find their way back to the hive and so die of exposure and starvation. The sea of radio frequency (RF) energy is constantly increasing, what with WiFi, palm pilots and other gadgets, having us literally swimming in a soupy sea of RF energy that we are not even aware of.

A recent television program on "Frontline" exposed the extent of contamination of drinking water with solvents, pesticides, synthetic hormones, pharmaceuticals, etc. Bottled water doesn't help much since it is just filtered tap water.

Food additives are another source. There are a great many bleaches, coloring matter, and chemicals that add nothing to the food value, but just prolong the shelf life. If white bread has so many softeners, mold inhibitors, etc. that the mold microbes cannot digest it, can you?

Toxic fumes from modern plastic consumer goods. Rugs, TV sets, CDs, video discs, and now drywall imported from China, all emit chemical vapors, most of which are toxic.

It has taken 200 years to get even elemental legislation on tobacco smoking and to prove the direct link to lung cancer.

Don't expect the autism rate to decrease. It won't.

Claude Schwaninger

Crescent City