Adam Madison, The Triplicate

District, ACLU pact is a legendary action to take

In regards to the Thursday story, "District, ACLU pact reached," this is a legendary action to take in regard to the preservation of local American Indian culture, language, and history.

I am very pleased and hopeful that my youngest son will benefit from this agreement for he will be in the 11th grade next year. I know that some but not all will be implemented by next school year. I send much thanks to those involved in this agreement!

As a Yurok Tribal member I am glad to see that we will now be offering Yurok history, culture and language to our young students, for all these areas are important for any culture to survive.

Ruby Grubbs


All we want is clean water. It's really that simple

In a Wednesday article ("Recall push criticized as costly") addressing the costs of a special election, I noticed, once again, the fluoride issue is referenced as possibly being put on a special election ballot to the tune of $17,000.

For the record, again, the fluoride vote would go on the November 2010 general election ballot. It's hard for me to understand why The Triplicate is biased against my campaign to remove fluoride from our drinking water. I'm not an evil person trying to harm, I'm a concerned citizen who knows the dangers of this practice and wants to educate the public and offer a chance to say "no."

We should, as Americans, have a right to decide what drugs we put in our bodies and not be forced to consume medication against our will. Saying no to artificial water fluoridation is taking back that control. If people want fluoride it's easy enough to get: Go to the store and buy a tube of fluoride toothpaste.

Swallowing fluoride has never been a good idea, except for the industries that sell us the fluoride, aka, toxic waste byproduct of phosphate fertilizer manufacture. And, since fluoride is absorbed through the skin, avoiding it is not as easy as buying fluoride-free water. Most can't afford expensive, whole-house water filtration. We shouldn't have to.

All we want is clean water. It's really that simple.

Katherine Kelly

Crescent City

Thoughts on local Watchdogs group

It seems that my letter printed March 21 ("Critics of police, sheriff never notice the good work they do") was misread by Lenda Beck. It was also edited by the editor, but ya'll know that's nothing new.

I mention this because of her letter printed April 16 ("Come to Watchdogs meetings and hear for yourselves").

I was saying that your group should go on a ride-along with the VIP program or perhaps help out around the station, Police Department or Sheriff's Office. Lenda, you say you were a volunteer firefighter for 12 years. I thank you for your dedication. You also say you founded the local MADD group. Good on ya Lenda, however, considering how many drunks get arrested each month, I would say you need to spend more time working with MADD then messing about with police and sheriff matters.

Here is an idea, Lenda. Ride along with the PD during the late evening hours and be there when a officer has to deal with a belligerent drunk. You also say you took all of the AJ classes at the college to become a cop until you saw wrongful acts from our officers. So, instead of becoming an officer yourself and maybe trying to solve the problem "in house," you decide to play Don Quixote.

Your group is rather one-sided about how they do things. If an officer makes an error in judgment (like we all haven't done that a time or two?), you folks are on it like white on rice, but when an officer goes above and beyond for his duty, you seem to miss that somehow.

Bill Turck

Crescent City