Steve Chittock

Future of health care will once again be determined by lobbyists

Until we remove or at least regulate the insurance, pharmaceutical and hospital for-profit industries, there is no hope for any reform of our health-care tragedy!

I have had no inquiry from any of my legislators concerning my desires for action on this subject (or any other for that matter). The future of health care in our country will once again be decided by the insurance, pharmaceutical and hospitals for-profit lobbyists, with no input from those hoping to see at least beginning steps towards a single payer plan considered.


Lois Munson

Crescent City

What is the point of having brilliant teeth if you can't leave the house?

Thank you to Marsirah Murakami for enlightening me. I was all for fluoride in the water until your letter (""Support the recall because fluoride is poisoning us," May 7).

I, too, am a sufferer of fibromyalgia as well as two of my sisters-in-law, my best friend, her sister, a few friends and even an ex-mother-in-law. The commonplace of all, they are all either still or former Del Norte County residents. I was raised here and when I left for a few years I felt so much better. Yes, I still had the tender pressure spots, the days where I could barely walk and my down days, but my good days still outweighed my bad days.

When I came back, I now am sore all the time, I have trouble getting up from a chair and I have gained the weight back I lost. I have headaches, allergies and get hurt very easily. What is the sense in having brilliant teeth if you can't get out of the house to show them off?

I will take having horrible teeth over the fact that I can walk, talk and have good days. Thank you again. I will research this further. Maybe all of us poisoned by "The Man" can band together for a support group?

Sarah Dumas