Adam Madison, The Triplicate

State of education a symptom of the country's problems

A recent article noted the Board of Regents for the University of California system voted to raise student fees by 9.3%.Then, later in the day, probably after a free lunch, they also appointed two new chancellors, one at $450,000 and the other at $400,000. Heck, and I thought gettin' that kid of money required a gun.

It seems that we have gone completely stark ravin' mad. Theregents seem worse than bankers, stock brokers, Corporate CEOs and politicians--course the politicians earn big bucks by raking in millions from lobbyists.

The regents rationalize their high college fees by telling taxpayer-parents that they insure that student loans are available to students.

These top-paid educators are no longer productively teaching, but bureaucrats still have to get by and eke out a living, at $450,000 or so.

Back when I got out of the service at the end of the good war (WW11), I was given "52-20," that was $20 a week for 52 weeks. I lived on that and though my Packard convertible was never insured, I could buy gas and food. Textbooks were cheap and the college offered free medical care. The only problem back then was that too many girls actually went to college to learn - fun to chase but hard to catch!

Do I have a point in all of this? America is now on what may be a continuing slide downhill.Most of our schools don't teach shop - "real work"- anymore. After a German student goes to "high school," he leaves with desirable skills that are saleable. America teaches computer skills, computer games and high finance (how to make a living stealing from others).

After WW11, what moved America forward, was affordable educations for millions of returning GIs - an education that required achievement, that gave returning soldiers a chance, motivation, excitement, and a challenge. For a time back then we ran our country with good sense. Now instead of meeting world competition, we seem to be sending what we once had to other nations.

What America seems about these days is war!One after another.We buy stuff we can use to kill those we have learned to call terrorists.But we seem proud of our wars.Overall our federal war budget is monstrous.

When will we wake up, really wake up? If it doesn't take a lot of courage for a young woman today to have a child, shake her - she must be asleep and dreaming.

Walt Morse

Crescent City

Thanks to community for supporting building fund

Just a quick note to thank everyone who came out to support our annual tri-tip barbecue. We had our usual delicious tri-tip prepared by Dan Leavitt and his crew from the California Fire Safety Council, and plenty of baked beans from his wife, Sharyl.

The dessert contest was won by Loree Kerttula with her unique strawberry cheesecake pizza.

Patty Maris was the "Lucky Opportunity" winner of the antique hand-saw painted by artist Maria Callahan.

So many in our community were so generous to donate to our silent and live auctions. We thank you one and all. Our children are very fortunate to live in such a caring community.

Carolyn Westbrook

Wildcat Pride

Building Fund Committee