Steve Chittock

Parris gets undue credit for cross-deputization

Dave Parris isn't responsible for the cross-deputization of the Yurok Tribal Police ("Yurok Police chief leaving," May 12).

Retired Police Chief Mike Ross had the department cross-deputized with Humboldt County two and a half years before Parris came along. The cross-deputization with Del Norte County had been an active training process because of retired Police Chief Joe Galeoto, not Dave Parris.

As far as obtaining new equipment, Parris is fortunate the tribe hired a wonderful administrative assistant that took it upon herself to apply for numerous grants that have enabled the department to obtain all of the new state-of-the-art equipment. Credit needs to stay with the correct people who worked so hard to make it happen.

Emily Vanderpool

Retired YDPS police officer

Cemetery an embarrassment, needs better care, donations

If you have a loved one buried in the Crescent City Cemetery and you go to visit them, you know where we are coming from. If not, you don't have a clue.

It is an embarrassment to take an out-of-town visitor to your loved one's grave site and have them ask, "Is this the only cemetery in Crescent City?"

The Catholics take care of their area, the veterans theirs, but for the rest of the cemetery, I have seen better cow pastures. There are piles of dirt from gophers and outlandishly big dandelions. The sprinkler system is old and doesn't work. I understand the water is free. This could account for the fact that there is a steady flow of water coming from some of the old sprinklers. Only the crows get the benefit of the water.

Mother's Day is a national holiday. My wife and I kept waiting for them to mow, because no matter how fresh the flowers are, when they do mow they throw them out. Their rules: you have five days after a holiday to remove your flowers. At 9 a.m. on Wednesday after Mother's Day, we went over to take up the flowers. They had already taken up the flowers and thrown them in the locked Dumpster. Never mind that we had already mowed our area.

The Odd Fellows said they only have one person to mow. If they are not capable of taking care of the cemetery, they should let someone else who is capable take care of it.

In some communities people are asked to donate to an outside lawn service fund for the care of their cemetery.

It saddens us even more to go visit a loved one at an unkempt place.

Kenneth Towe

Crescent City

Lopez should have gotten the maximum sentence

I was very disappointed to read in Thursday's paper ("6-year sentence for DUI death") about the "slap in the face" sentence that Angel Lopez received on the DUI death of Breena Cardenas.

She was in the prime of her lovely life. At her job at Safeway, she was a winner with her smile and sweet ways.

I feel Mr. Lopez should have gotten the max!

My heart goes out to the family.

Lois Gehrman

Crescent City

Wrong to refer to someone in their 50s as elderly

I resided in Crescent City for 23 years before moving to Colorado in 2000. My parents, brother, grandmother and various extended family members and several friends still live in Crescent City, and one of the daily Web sites I check is The Triplicate so I can be aware of what's going on at "home."

This morning I read the headline "Woman victim of attempted rape," and went on to read the story. The first sentence said it was an "elderly" woman, and I was sad to think that someone would do that to someone my Grandma's age (sorry, Grandma!). Then I read on that it was in fact someone in their 50s.

Since when did someone in their 50s become elderly? I think elderly was a very poor choice of words, not only for the woman who suffered the attempted attack, but for all women.

Just because you're old enough to be considered a senior citizen doesn't mean you're elderly!

Amanda Neuberg

Crescent City

Thanks for photos of our current and future athletes

That "water baby" on the front page of the May 5 newspaper has got to be the cutest, most gleeful little sprite I've ever seen.

Look at that form! And the absolute joy on that gleeful little baby face. Kudos to the photographer. Way to go Rachel!

Then in last week's paper, those little guys on the T-ball team, such serious, dedicated little guys! Kudos there too!

You really touched the soft spot in our hearts, here in Del Norte County, featuring not only our own great high school athletes, but also our future Olympic diving/swimming gold medalist (little Rachel Berger) and our future All-American baseball champs!

Thank you, Triplicate, for such a great paper.

Janice Wyatt