Steve Chittock

Letter blaming fibromyalgia on fluoride may be misguided

After reading Sarah Dumas' letter ("What is point of having brilliant teeth if you can't leave the house," May 13), I can sympathize with her and her family members who experience this disorder.

However, her letter was more of a testimony to a genetic cause for fibromyalgia than it was for anything else. In addition, I was wondering where she moved to where she felt better? Was it to a larger metropolitan area, where it is likely the water was also fluoridated?

I also noted that Ms. Dumas lives in Klamath, which is not on the city water system. Does Klamath have fluoridated water? I would think that most places were on well water in Klamath, which would not be fluoridated.

Helen S. DuVernay

Crescent City

Parris changed complexion of Yurok Public Safety Dept.

The Triplicate would be well advised to double-check its information, prior to print. In the article about Yurok Police Chief Dave Parris, and his new role as coroner for Humboldt county you state he was instrumental in obtaining cross deputization for the Yurok Public Safety office.

I had the great pleasure of talking to former Chief Mike Ross when he obtained cross deputization for the department with the Humboldt sheriff. Later Chief Joe Galeoto was pleased to announce to his department that they would be cross-deputized with Del Norte, which I feel was due to his hard work.

Chief Parris was responsible in changing the complexion of the Yurok Public Safety Department. He changed it to almost totally non-Indian officers. Prior to his tenure the officers were either Yurok or at least Indian. I feel that, if in his Humboldt application he alluded to these departmental changes being due to his work, our county officials will be soberly reflecting on their choice.

Kathryn Kendrick


Editor's note: According to information from the Yurok Tribe, cross-deputization with the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office was completed in 2008, while Parris was police chief.

Wrong to call those ineligible for Social Security 'elderly'

I was surprised to see the woman in her 50s who was the victim of an attempted rape referred to as "elderly."

Since those of us in our 50s are going to have to work until age 66 in order to get our full Social Security benefits, we'd rather not be cast as elderly quite yet. Perhaps the reporter should ask Publisher Michele Thomas if she feels elderly when she writes about her college years in San Francisco.

My father still reminds me that when I was 15 and he turned 40, I called him an old man! It's all a matter of perspective, I guess.

Susan Reaves

Crescent City

Redwood School is vigilant against 'cyber-bullying'

I would like to thank Jill Bausch for her letter to the editor about our challenges with cell phones on campus ("Bullying, cell phones a hazardous combination," May 14).

We are vigilant in enforcing district policy at Redwood School. As a district, we realize that many of our students carry cell phones because their parents require them to do so. It has become our duty, at schools, to monitor cell phone use so that it does not affect the educational environment in a negative way.

District policy for elementary and middle schools states: "Students may have cell phones on campus as long as they are OFF and in their backpacks or purses." Students may only use cell phones before 7:55 a.m. and after the final bell. District policy further states that students are never allowed to use technology to harass other students.

Redwood school staff members follow the district cell phone policy. We confiscate cell phones whenever students make wrong choices about their use. We notify parents and discipline students when they violate the policy.

We have all had to raise our level of concern to curtail "cyber-bullying," an insidious new form of harassment. Progress has its challenges. Now that students have access to technology at every grade level, we need to use that fact to educate our students about making good choices and about treating people with respect and kindness - in all circumstances.

That focus is not a new responsibility for schools. It has always been one of our missions, even though contexts change with the times. We want to thank our community for their support of our efforts to help children live responsibly and respect others.

Alisa Vervilos

Principal, Redwood School

America is being punished for turning its back on God

Every day I read The Triplicate, watch the news on TV and the news on the Internet.andensp;We have a rise in crime, an economy that is at or approaching Depression levels, high unemployment and apparently no clue as a nation or as the state of California on how to turn things around and get back to the good old days.andensp;Days of a large middle class that made a good wage, which could pay all their bills and have some left to save for children's college and retirement.

What happened?andensp;Remember the atheist that kept pressing to get God outlawed in schools and public places?andensp; How long has it been?andensp;We not only left God out, we outlawed mentioning God and values we found in reading the Holy Bible.

The United States Supreme Court issued two bans on prayer in public schools; one in 1962 and the second in 1963. The ban not only banned prayer it also banned reading the Bible in public schools.andensp;In 2003 the Ten Commandments were removed from public view in an Alabama state building, because it meant we as a nation believe in the God that gave us the Ten Commandments.

We as a nation and a state continue down this road of turning our back on God and our condition is paralleling other "former world powers" that have done the same thing, i.e. Rome, Greece, Babylon.

Where is the great Christian backlash?andensp;Too busy fighting among themselves?andensp;According to the Bible, there is one God, one son of God, one message, "the good news," so why are there so many different brands of those claiming to represent God?

The people, tribes and nations that thrive and prosper are those that are blessed by God.

Benaiah Israel

Crescent City