Steve Chittock

Why doesn't God punish Wall Street tycoons?

I thank Mr. Benaiah Israel for enlightening us all with his letter, ("America is being punished for turning its back on God," May 21), in which he reveals unto us the causes of our nation's current financial crisis.

However, I do have a question. Why is it that the masses of people who had nothing to do with financial fraud or the banning of prayer in schools are being punished while the Wall Street tycoons and corporate CEOs are being rewarded with billions of dollars in bonuses and government bailouts?

Another couple of points.andensp;Prayers in our public schools are not banned.andensp; Anyone may pray as much as they want in school as long as they do it quietly and privately, without disturbing anyone else or interfering with school procedures.andensp;This seems reasonable enough to me.andensp;I am sure Mr. Israel would object if public schools took over part of his church building for their overflow classes and drafted ministers and Sunday School teachers to teach geometry or civics.

Mr. Israel claims that Rome, Greece and Babylon turned their backs on God.andensp;This is historically incorrect.andensp; The acceptance of Christianity by the Roman emperor Constantine saved Christianity.

John Cupp

Smith River