Steve Chittock

People who ignore their dogs should find them new homes

This is about the problem of people in Gasquet who keep dogs fenced in their yards and pay them no attention.

These bored and miserable dogs have nothing to amuse themselves, save the sound of their barking. So every time they see another dog being lovingly walked by their owner, it apparently drives them into a fit of jealousy causing them to run back and forth and bark maniacally, until they pass, and even then the barking does not stop, just phases into the somebody-please-hit-my-off-switch mode.

This is not just annoying to responsible pet owners, exercising their animals, and other people exercising themselves and even vehicles driving by with a dog in it, but imagine if they're your neighbor and you have to hear it all day, every day.

Please do the dogs and me a favor and find them loving homes.

Diane Cox


Taxpayers want budget cuts, not tax increases and not waste

I hope our elected officials got the message that the taxpayers want budget cuts, eliminate waste, and no tax increases. Presently, special interests are in control, taxpayers be damned.

The local school district has a school for one busload of students that requires two teachers, support, janitorial and maintenance. They won't close it because "it's nice to have." They are going to lay off some personnel. My question: If you can do without them, what were they hired for in the first place? Close that school, eliminate all "touchy feely" courses and make all the reduction of employees you can. I'm sure that increasing class size 10 to 30 percent won't hurt the students.

The Transportation Committee has decided to improve the Kelsey pack mule trail. I'm sure the muleskinners are happy and the local businesses will see a reduction in their freight costs.

Read the ads for our community colleges. What do cooking, yoga and a host of other classes do other than provide full employment of high-priced instructors?

The state is worse! Arnold made state employees take off two days a month, which saved millions in wages, but did nothing to reduce overheads, medical, retirement, etc., that probably costs as much or more. As far as I can see it hasn't affected state services. How about terminating that 10 percent and another 20 percent for good measure to eliminate overheads? I sure would rather spend an extra hour if necessary at the DMV than pay more taxes.

Eliminating most commissions and placing a moratorium on all environmental rules, unless they directly affect health and public safety, would save billions. It would save everyone (Wal-Mart, the airport) by eliminating suits, environmental impact reports and Coastal Commission hearings, and maybe even spur construction.

Hire at any cost that sheriff from Phoenix to run our prisons. He drastically reduced costs and slowed down the prison revolving door. Giving him free reign alone would probably solve our budget problems.

Elected officials, it's time to ignore the special interests and think of the taxpayers. Change your mindset to save rather than spend. Your re-election depends on it.

Jim Wisbauer

Crescent City

Applause for photographer, tipster for diving girl photo in Triplicate

I'd like to give credit to the Triplicate photographer (Bryant Anderson) who took the picture of little Rachel going off the diving board ("Into the deep end," May 6).

What a beautiful shot.

Then credit to Mr. Thomas Christensen for, after seeing the little girl at the pool, letting The Triplicate know about her.

So thanks to both for giving all of us a chance to see this wonderful young little swimmer/diver.

Lois Leisten

Crescent City

Note of appreciation for Tuesday op-ed and editorial cartoons

Just a note of appreciation for your Tuesday, May 26, editorial page.

I don't often have much to applaud on these pages, but this morning I was delighted to find two editorial cartoons that warmed the cockles of my heart, plus an excellent voter's view of the recent election results by Paul Crandall of Klamath.andensp;

Mr. Crandall expressed so very well my own view of the ballot measures and why they failed to pass the smell test.andensp;

You are to be commended.

Carter Swart

Crescent City