Steve Chittock

Clean Sweep Program helps, but more can be done

Crescent City looks a little better. For two weeks people have been working in their yards to take part in the City of Crescent City Clean Sweep Program.

Someday, I hope someone would wake up and send out the yearly notices to people who have not mowed their empty lots. If the city would do that, maybe my hayfever would improve.

Also, when is the Business Improvement District and the city going to weed our downtown and our tree wells? I have a suggestion to the city: Buy a weed dragon, a portable weed flamer. I recently saw someone from the city going to town with Roundup. It was a windy day, too. Maybe if they use a dragon, the whole town would go up in flames.

Richard Miles

Crescent City

Beware of mail thieves undeterred by penalties

As identity theft continues to be on the rise, so does its co-conspirator: mail theft.

Here's a quick synopsis of U.S. code: Title 18, Part I, Chapter 83, section 1708: "Whoever steals, takes, obtains any letter, postal card, package, bag, or any article or thing... which has been left for collection in an authorized depository for mail matter... shall be fined no more than $2,000, for each article stolen, or imprisoned (federal prison) not more than five years, or both."

Having an online store, we have outgoing packages on a daily basis and twice in the past few months we have had packages stolen. Evidently, the penalty alone isn't a deterrent, so I decided that it's up to me to ensure the security of my mail ... an investment well worth every penny.

With that said ... To the person who stole outgoing mail packages from my front porch on Friday, May 22: Obviously, you didn't notice the video cameras that are mounted right above my front door! That's too bad because your crime (clearly depicting you and your ugly car) was caught on tape.

Nervous yet? You should be ... a copy of that tape is on its way to local and federal law enforcement agencies. So I hope it was all worth it because you are probably going to prison!

Robin Jordan

Crescent City

New Klamath Falls bus line allowed me to see grandson

I would like to express my warm thanks to The Daily Triplicate regarding our new bus line that goes from Crescent City to Klamath Falls.

Thanks to Publisher Michele Thomas, Mr. Engles and Mr. John Brown for the bus trip they all made possible for me to go see my son and grandson, and to the bus drivers who make you feel so comfortable.

The shuttle is nice, with good music and very few stops. It's the best way to travel to Klamath Falls from Crescent City. Sit back and enjoy the sights. It's worth looking into. Clean, non-smoking, and time to see things. If you do smoke, you have breaks.

My grandson is my heart. Thank you so much. God bless you all.

Josephine Fromm

Crescent City