Steve Chittock

Pull over for emergency vehicles

Okay, I've seen this enough as my experience as a firefighter and lately just driving around town: Why don't people pull over when they see and hear emergency vehicles trying to get to calls?

The fire truck will often be right behind a car, lights going, sirens and horns blaring and they will finally pull over; or the people that are going the other direction so they think they don't need to pull over; then the mayhem of trying to get back on the road after the emergency vehicles are past!

People seem so confused as to what to do when they hear those sirens! Has everyone forgotten what we all learned (or should have) when we got our driver's licenses?

Here's a refresher from the state DMV Handbook: "You must yield the right-of-way to any police car, fire engine, ambulance, or other emergency vehicle using a siren and red lights. Drive as close to the right edge of the road as possible and stop until the emergency vehicle(s) has passed. However, never stop in an intersection. If you are in an intersection when you see an emergency vehicle, continue through the intersection and then drive to the right as soon as you can and stop.

"Emergency vehicles often use the wrong side of the street to continue on their way. They sometimes use a loud speaker to talk to drivers blocking their path. Yield to emergency vehicles. You must obey any traffic direction, order, or signal by a traffic or police officer or a fire fighter even if it conflicts with existing signs, signals, or laws.

"It is against the law to follow within 300 feet of any emergency vehicle which is answering an emergency call. If you drive for sight-seeing purposes to the scene of a fire, accident, or other disaster you may be arrested. Casual observers interfere with the essential services of police, fire fighter, ambulance crews, or other rescue or emergency personnel."

Katie Creed

Crescent City

Thanks for local sports coverage

Just want to thank you for the great coverage of local sports and especially the girls softball team.

It was such a pleasure watching these young women mature. Kudos to the seniors. The world is waiting for you.

Good luck from a fan and proud grandma.

Barbara Bergquist

Crescent City

Local swimmer thanks sponsors

I was writing to thank my friends and neighbors for sponsoring me in the Crescent City Swim-A-Thon.

Because of your donation, I was able to earn some really cool prizes and I was able to make a big contribution to the team.

Lots of people swam a lot more laps than I did, but I'm happy to say that I swam 204 four laps and earned myself my own iPod. andensp; andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;andensp;

Thanks again to everyone who sponsored me.

Phoebe M. Fickbohm