Father is let down by weak DUI law enforcement system

My daughter, Breena Cardenas, was a passenger in a truck along with four others - the driver made five.

Angel Lopez was driving his truck over the speed limit while intoxicated. He went off the pavement approximately a foot. He turned a hard left, which resulted in flipping the truck. All passengers and the driver were injured; my daughter was killed.

This was not his first wreck while driving drunk. The first one got him a slap on the wrist, possibly fined and he had to attend classes. Now he has killed my daughter. Lopez again gets a light sentence to serve (six years) - what a joke.

It makes me wonder if influence played a part. He will be approximately 28 years old when he gets out. My daughter will never see her 20th birthday. No one reading this will ever know the pain Oma and I feel daily and will always. My opinion is that this weak system and time given has only sent a message: Don't worry about DUIs - you won't get much time, even if you take the life of someone else.

I was never so let down by the judicial system as I was that day. I feel he was given a chance once; he laughed at our courts. Now again, he gets a break. This stinks. Many people have told me they can't believe that he got only six years.

To conclude, we voted for these people in the local District Attorney's Office because we believed they would do their job. Boy, was I wrong. I hope this never happens to you. The emptiness and pain is overwhelming.

I would like to see what would have happened and how the case would have been handled if this happened to someone's daughter who works in their office; what kind of charge and time he would have gotten.

Thanks to the responsible people who don't drink and drive. Drink, have a great time, just please don't get behind the wheel of a car. Have someone drive you or take a cab. You could possibly end the life of someone's son, daughter, father, sister. Think before driving.

Once again, Lopez got no time in my book for killing my daughter, Breena Cardenas, 19 years old. I hope he has the worst life possible. He sure gave that for Oma and I without Breena.

Remember, friends don't let friends drive drunk.

Joe Cardenas

Crescent City

City Council, supervisors lax on Scotch broom abatement

An open letter to the City Council, Board of Supervisors, and Chamber of Commerce:

It borders on the criminal for the above entities to allow the continued spread of Scotch broom throughout this city and county!

I tried in vain last spring to get someone, anyone, to address this problem. I even called the Health Department. No one could be bothered or seemed to care. (The lot south of North Valley Bank is a prime example of this. The response I got to this was that there would soon be apartments built there and it would be cleaned up. This property owner has allowed this to go on year after year.)

Now we see the multiplication of these obnoxious plants tormenting those with allergies from this heavy pollen. You need only to drive north on Northcrest and Lake Earl Drive to see how this plant is taking over.

This may seem like a little problem compared to what is happening to America and California today, but we have to keep the little things in check. Here it is a matter of the number of people forced to take allergy medicine because our elected officials won't address this problem and force the property owners to clean up or have the clean up added to their tax bills. (I have had to pay someone twice this year to keep my place free of the neighbor's Scotch broom.)

Does the Chamber not think that visitors to the area will high-tail it out of here if they have allergies and see this stuff. Hey, this clean-up may even create a few jobs for some of the poor people that our governor wants to take money from to address the debt!

I hope this matter will get more traction than the fluoride removal got.

Lilyan Wood

Crescent City