Adam Madison, The Triplicate

Nickerson deserves thanks, and Westfall should resign

I would like Dianne Nickerson to know that I not only want to thank her for her service to our community, but also thank her for being a person who has always been up front with me in every way, and for also being a good friend to me.

I regret that she is retiring at the end of June. I do admire her for having the integrity of stepping down to avoid further infighting with Councilwoman Donna Westfall, who is continually disrupting Council meetings with trying to recall Ms. Nickerson and two other members of the City Council.

About Donna Westfall, I too was uneasy at first about the sewer rate protest vote. So when she formed the citizens against the $42.5 million debt, I joined that cause only for a very short time. After finding out her intentions, I ended my association with her and that cause.

As far as Donna Westfall's attempt to recall the people I mentioned above, I would like to tell her that she is the person that is causing all the infighting, and I think her actions are not only very detrimental to our community, but also, like Ms. Nickerson said, mean-spirited. I am asking you at this time, please consider resigning from the City Council. You have done nothing positive for the city.

As far as I can tell, the only thing you want to do is to have the business people in the downtown area dress up like pirates, including wearing eyepatches. This is not Somalia where real pirates live. We are a quiet seaside village. If you want to live with pirates, I personally will buy you a one-way airline ticket to go there anytime.

James Gibson

Crescent City

Going to Mental Health Clinic best decision I made in years

I recently had the good fortune to get acquainted with a branch of our county that doesn't get enough recognition: a group of hard-working, dedicated and very good-hearted folks that make up the Mental Health Clinic on G Street.

I came to their building after suffering from a serious bout of depression. I was literally hanging on by a thread. I committed myself to their care for a year - the absolute best decision I had made in years. This kind and wonderfully spirited group of counselors took time to get to know me and my plethora of troubles and devised a plan of action to make me whole again. Becoming involved with these folks and the countless other clients like myself made me realize I wasn't alone.

Mental illness affects many people and their families and without the dedication of the employees at the G Street branch of Mental Health, there would be a lot of lost souls flailing about out there in all sorts of trouble.

So I would like to give heartfelt thanks and a whole lot of love to Jeff, Leanne, Dan, all the Pattys and you too, Dave! You guys are so awesome I really can't find the words to tell you how much you have helped me grow, so thank you.

Susan Grimes

Crescent City