Steve Chittock

Commander Trask honored to have flown into Crescent City

It was such an honor to fly into Crescent City this past week, and the reception we received at the airfield and all over town was most appreciated.

Everyone was excited and gracious and kind, from the guys at the VFW - who were with us every step of the way with transportation and breakfast and continued offers of wanting to do more to make our quick stay enjoyable - to Pat, Jenny and their staff at The Chart Room who stayed much later than had been previously agreed to accommodate us for dinner.

It also would not be a proper troop thank-you if I did not include Jan Martin and all those who help her purchase, box and ship those packages. Those folks were there when we arrived and when we left - steadfast and true as always.

Mark, Joe and Sue and everyone at Life Flight made sure all the numerous details came together. It takes a lot of coordination and effort to get all of us here, landed, secure and in rental cars and they made that happen. Robin and Lee Tromble also deserve a big thank-you, as they went ahead to every place they knew we would be and left balloon bouquets and homemade cookies and brownies. These two are unsung heroes to our troops on a regular basis, as I can personally vouch for.

And last but not least, everyone of you who greeted us and or saw us off - thank you. My men have not stopped talking about your welcome and many of them would like to return and bring their families to our beautiful place in the world - a place that is not just beautiful for the way God created it but because of the people He put there to live.

Maj. Aadam Trask


4-6 Air Cavalry

Sister of Breena Cardenas disappointed with court system

I too am very upset and disappointed with the court system of Crescent City, especially the DA who sided with Angel Lopez' side instead of the victim, my sister Breena Cardenas, and my family.

The quote Angel's side likes to say is, "friends don't let friends drive drunk." Well, it's obviously OK for family to let family drive drunk.

A six-year sentence, of which only five years may be served, isn't a good enough example to put out the message not to drink and drive.

There was a response to my mom's letter saying what Angel did was unintentional. Let me ask everybody who thinks this was just another accident: Did he unintentionally throw back a few beers or unintentionally decide to be the driver? Did his truck unintentionally speed by itself around a corner, drop off the pavement and flip, causing my sister to fly out and hit a tree branch that was about 20 feet high, crushing every bone in her face and left arm, killing her instantly? Did Angel unintentionally not learn from his previous wreck that had him go to a DUI class that this could happen when you drink and drive?

Was he unintentionally aware more than anybody how great the chances of hurting or killing someone because alcohol makes you impaired? Did the class teach him to unintentionally do it again? Tell us now what his intentions were that fatal night. Drunk drivers like Angel get into wrecks because they know the risk but they choose to risk it anyway.

And intentions are choices. Angel chose to do everything that he did the night of Sept. 12, 2008. Thank-you to those who have thought on Breena's behalf and thank-you to those who have supported my parents in this time of need. In three months it will be a year since my sister hasn't been with us and my parents still hurt the same as they did the night they lost her. I miss you, lil Sis.

Jenae Cardenas

Lake Elsinore, Calif.

Get out there and see Del Norte! You will change your opinion

I would like to make a comment on the letter by Earl Kommer of Lake Park, Minn., ("Put people on welfare to work or cut off their welfare," June 9).

Del Norte County is one of the best places in the world for beauty and I, too, have done some traveling and Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, isn't all it's cracked up to be. Most of the lakes are so populated you can't find a place to swim.

Get out there and see Del Norte! You will change your opinion, guaranteed!

Randy Jacobson

Crescent City